106 & Gospel Canceled…we never got acquainted.

106gospelI’m sure you’ve heard by now that BET’s 106 & Gospel is being canceled due to low ratings. In case you didn’t know, 106 & Gospel was the Christian counterpart to the hit BET show, 106 & Park. The show was hosted by 21:03’s Jor’el Quin and Tri-i-tee 5:7’s Angel Taylor.

This is sad news, but I’m not surprised. The BET executives thought it would be a great idea to place most of their Christian content on Sunday. I can understand the connection they are trying to make there. Sunday is the day when most people focus specifically on God and religion. That completely makes sense, but that is the nature of the problem.

Bobby Jones Gospel is one of BET’s most successful shows ever. It is successful, because most people watch the show while they are getting ready to go to church. 106 & Gospel aired at 12 PM on Sundays. Unless I’m mistaken, most of BET’s target audience is at church by 12 PM on Sunday. I’m not a smart man, but it really is not a great idea to expect a Christian show to pull big ratings when most people are at church. Here is some additional information for the BET executives. For many people, church is an all day event. You really won’t have much success if you expect people to tune into any Christian programs on a Sunday anytime between 12 PM and 8 PM.

I would like the BET execs to understand that for many people, being a Christian is not just for Sundays. We don’t turn on our Christianity on Sunday and turn it off Monday to Saturday. There is a huge audience of people who would love to watch Christian programming during the week. I know that may mean moving the days and times for shows like Hell Date and Black Buster Movies. Somehow I think there probably won’t be a huge public outcry about moving those shows around.

There are a number of petitions circulating online in an attempt to get BET to put 106 & Gospel back on the air. In America, the greatest voting is not done with a ballot, it is done with a wallet. No views means no ratings. No ratings means no revenue. People aren’t watching the show. I thought about singing a petition for 106 & Gospel, but what good would that do. I am in church on Sundays at 12. I could DVR it, but that still may not help with the ratings.

The concept of the show was good. The date and time were bad. BET should consider moving the show to another day and time. I’m sure the ratings would go up. Another alternative is to sell the show to another network. It could get solid ratings on TV1, The Gospel Music Channel, DayStar or any other Christian network.

Did you watch 106 & Gospel? Would you watch it if it were aired on another date and time?

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