21 Day Fast = A Good Time

It seems that at the beginning of this year many churches went on a 21 day fast. When most people fast they deny themselves food or certain types of food in order to get closer to God.

I have been there before. I have done the Daniel fast. That is the fast where you only eat fruits and vegetables. To my disappointment, french fries did not qualify as a vegetable.

I have also done the 5PM fast. That is the fast where you only drink water until 5 PM. Then after 5PM you’re allowed to pig out–I mean, have a sensible dinner.

When I fasted, I wasn’t really compelled to focus on God. I was too focused on being hungry. My eyes were not fixed on Jesus. They were fixed on the clock waiting for 5 PM to come. Fortunately, I know better now.

It is important that we really seek God before we fast. If you fast and never really seek God during the fast, then you are just starving yourself. It is possible that God may not want you to fast from food. He may want you to go without something else for a brief period of time.

What good is fasting off of food if you watch 10 hours of TV per day and rarely spend any time with God? It may be more spiritually beneficial for you to continue eat and stay away from TV for a couple of days. You can use what was once your TV time to pray, read your bible and get closer to God.

What types of fasts have you been on in the past? How has fasting improved your relationship with God?

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  • http://theoldblackchurch.blogspot.com/ Ann Brock

    My home church in Alabama do this fast every year…I have never been able to stay the course…Sugar gets me every time…I am addict to sweets.

  • http://thegospelblog.com Cliff


    The important thing is that you spend time connecting w/God. If you want to seriously give up sweets for a period of time. I’m sure He can help you do that.

  • jae

    God got me good last year when he was wanting me to fast from my computer. I kept telling him no, so he gave my computer a virus. Like, complete crash and out of play for three weeks. It was a total eye-opener, and I learned a lot about myself =)

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