3 Must Read Books For a Career in the Music Industry

I am amazed at how many people try to make a career in the music industry but fail to properly educate themselves about the business. The ability to sing and/or play an instrument is nice, but if you don’t educate yourself it greatly diminishes your chances for success.

Let’s be clear about something. Record companies and concert promoters are in business to make money. Don’t think just because they say they are Christian that they won’t do everything they can to gain maximum profit from your gifts and talents. If you are not careful, they will make money in the end and you won’t.

If you are going to do anything for your livelihood; preaching, teaching, singing, ushering; you should properly educate yourself in that area.

Here are 3 books the will give you an education in the music industry:

All You Need to Know About the Music Business by Donald Passman
Donald Passman is an entertainment Lawyer that has worked with a number of top artists. This book gives musicians, performers, and songwriters the tools to hire advisers, market their careers, protect their creative works, and generally cope with a complex industry.

The Business of Music for the Christian and Gospel Music by Alvin V. Williams and Jay King
Williams is a former label executive at Music World Music and Word Records. He is currently an executive at the Gospel Music Channel. Jay King is a songwriter, producer and entrepreneur. This book looks at music from a Christian perspective. This book also includes a list of Christian distributors and manufactures.

Million Dollar Mistakes-Steering Your Music Career Clear of Lies, Cons, Catastrophes, and Landmines by Avalon
This book details some of the most expensive mistakes ever made by artists, as well as by the record executives, managers, and producers who have worked with stars such as Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, LA Reid, and many more. Million-Dollar Mistakes includes tidbits such as the pitfalls of employing a family member, the marketability of suicide, and the industry’s accepted levels of mendacity and thievery. Some of these mistakes are so embarrassing that the people involved would only speak off the record.

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