5 Ways to Destroy Your Church Choirs and Worship Teams

It always saddens me when I see a church choir or worship team fall apart. One day you’re looking at a strong music ministry and the next day you see a ministry that is struggling to keep it together. Here are 5 factors that I have noticed that have caused the destruction of many choirs and worship teams.

1. Self-centered Leadership
Something sad happens to certain choir directors and worship leaders. They start to make the ministry all about themselves instead of Jesus. The choir’s official name may be “XYZ Church Choir”. In the director’s head, the name becomes “John Smith & XYZ Church Choir”. It is hard to succeed in ministry when you take the focus off of Jesus.

2. No Rehearsals
It is hard to create excellence without practice. If your ministry does not rehearse regularly, it will lose its cohesion. It is crucial for us to give God our best. Preparation and practice are key ingredients. You don’t want to get in a situation where you are asking God to “bless your mess”.

3. Rehearsal Time is Long and/or Ineffective
I’m not sure which is worse, not rehearsing or having completely ineffective rehearsals. As a leader, you will quickly loose many anointed and talented people if your rehearsals are too long or pointless. Keep rehearsals on task. When you or other members go off on wild, drawn out tangents, people will become disinterested quickly.

4. Music Isn’t Current
We all have certain classic songs that we like to sing. However, I don’t believe that it is wise to sing those songs every week. By nature, people who get involved in music tend to be fairly creative. They will get fairly bored if you fail to introduce new songs to the group.

5. Failure to Invest in Musicians
I firmly believe that it is important for music ministry leaders to invest in their musicians. Investing doesn’t always necessarily mean financial payment. Not all musicians are in it for the money. Let your musicians know that they are appreciated and valued.

Let’s face it. Singers are easier to replace than musicians. I suggest that churches make efforts to look within their congregations and continue to train and cultivate new musicians.

Share your thoughts. Do you know of any other ways in which a choir or worship team can be destroyed?

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  • Mary

    All I can say is Amen
    I can’t wait to give a copy of this to our music staff

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