A Christian Marraige May Never Be In Your Future

Ever since I was a child I always knew that I would be married some day. In fact, I never gave it a second thought. The plan was always to get older, meet a nice Christian woman, fall in love and get married. I knew a Christian marriage was in my future. I never even thought whether or not marriage was part of God’s plan for my life. Fortunately for me, I discovered that marriage was part of God’s plan for my life.

There are millions of believers all across the world who have aspirations of getting married one day. Unfortunately, for some of them, marriage will never be a reality. It is not because there are not any good men or women out there. It is because marriage is not part of God’s plan for their life.

If you read Matthew 19:10-12, Jesus breaks the whole thing down to the disciples. He basically says that there are three reasons why people remain unmarried:

1. Because that is how they were created.
2. Because of the actions of another man or woman.
3. Because of personal choice.

When most people consider consulting God regarding marriage, they usually ask God: “Is he the one?” or “Is she the one?” We usually don’t think to ask God if we should get married or not. When it comes down to it, that is the first question that should be asked. If more people did this, they would save themselves a lot of hurt and aggravation. At the end of the day, fulfilling our purpose in God is much more important than any desire or want we may have. For many people, God’s purpose does not include marriage.

My life is limited in some ways because I am married. That is neither a good nor a bad thing. There are some things that I just can not do. I can’t just drop everything and do a 30 day missions trip in South America. My purpose right now is to be around and available to provide for my family. If I wasn’t married, my life would be available for the Lord to use me in different ways. Being single is not a curse. (I know that is easy for me to say) Being single gives you a different level of availability for God to use you to do great things for His kingdom.

Sometimes we look at the lives of other people and we want what they have. In life, we all have our own path to tread. God has specific purposes for each of us. For some of us, marriage is part of that purpose. For others, marriage is not part of that purpose.

Instead of praying for God to send you the perfect mate, pray to see what his will is. You may not like his answer, but it is much easier to proceed with your life when you are willing to operate in the will of God.

What is your opinion about marriage as it relates to God’s plan for his children?

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  • http://aproverbswifeslife.blogspot.com/ aPw

    great thoughts and questions!

    i believe that any will God has for us we will not only learn to like, but learn to love. i don’t see those who never get married as an unfortunate situation for them, but as a situation that God will prepare them for mentally, spiritually and emotionally…from birth.

    i don’t believe the strong desire for marriage will be birthed in some of us just for God to say, “sike sucka! marriage aint neva’ gonna happen for you!” just like i don’t believe he would birth the desire to not get married in some people just to say, “ha caught cha sucka now you’re gonna be forced to get married and stay that way for-ev-eerr!” i think that whatever God wants for us He will birth in us so that we couldn’t see ourselves doing anything other than what He’s given us–a perfect fit for who we are.

    with God, those who want to get married will do so and it will be right for them. likewise with God, those who don’t want to get married it will be right for them.

    and no one will long for what they don’t have.

    of course this could all be just my non-sense talking because i don’t know the Will of God for His children, but He’s always worked it out like this in my life, so i’m working from that experience :)

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