A Prayer for Facebook Users

I’m sure many of us have experienced the ups and downs of facebook. Try praying this little prayer, it may change your life on facebook.

I thank you for facebook. It has allowed me to connect with my family and friends all across the world.

I thank you that facebook has shown me all of the people I have dated or thought about dating in the past. I am grateful that I am not in a relationship with any of those people today.

I ask you to help me adapt to change when it happens. I know the facebook layout will change before I finish this prayer.

I pray for all of my facebook friends that like to build farms, hunt vampires and fight in the mafia. I ask that you bless them with better jobs and fulfilling hobbies so they will have more constructive things to do with their time.

I thank you for all of the people you have created that have giving hearts. Please show them other people to be generous to instead of me. I don’t need any more things like flowers, teddy bears and angels posted on my wall.

Please make my fingers strong, so they can click my mouse and delete people who get obsessive with throwing snowballs and pillows.

You have blessed me to make it through high school and college. Please tell me why do I continue to get bombarded with quizzes. The bible says that we shouldn’t test the Lord. I don’t want to be tested either.

Finally, I pray for all of the people that take facebook way too seriously. Please help these people get a grip and get a life.

In Jesus name I pray, amen.
Please feel free to add your own thoughts, wishes and desires to the prayer.

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  • Matthewmorris89


  • Gina

    you have a good sense of humor cliff. my first time here on your blog. i like your articles here, a breathe of fresh air for a change. the stuff here are healthy stimulants to one’s challenged or passive mind. hope the end product is to adapt or effect change, inside and out. good work. keep it up…..:)

  • John

    Hi Cliff I have just started a blog on how to pray for people using facebook. You can check it out here. Hope you find it helpful

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