According to Carlton Pearson, the devil doesn’t exist

carlton-pearsonCan someone please tell me what happened to Bishop Carlton Pearson? This is a man who once had a thriving ministry. He was a well respected gospel artist and leader in Christianity.

Then, one day it all came to an end. I’m sure you know the story by now. One day he had a “revelation” and came up a doctrince called the “Gospel of Inclusion”.

Bishop Pearson recently participated in a debate on ABC’s Nightline. In this debate, Pearson firmly states that the devil and hell do not exist. If you didn’t see the debate you can view it by clicking on the link below.

Nightline Debate

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  • Galen

    This “devil” is trying to take over a church in Chicago. The church, Christ Universal Temple (C.U.T.), is having to transition to a new minister and this devil is trying to come in and take over. The same thing that happened to his last church is going to happen here.

    This man is not fooling anybody. He considers himself gay or ex-gay and “his doctrinal repositioning was simply a grandly staged metaphor for homosexual acceptance”.

    CUT already has millions in the church coffers, so this devil wants to start back up at the top instead of building a church for himself and the gays.

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