All Homos Go to Hell?

I was reading the Daily Collegian and I can across an interesting article. It seems that there was an organization called the “Soul Winners” on Penn State’s campus. They stood in front of a crowd of students with red t-shirts. The front of the shirt said “NO HOMOS GO TO HEAVEN”. The back of their shirts said “ALL HOMOS GO TO HELL”.

Their mission was to “preach the gospel” while they were on campus. The article said that they would be on campus for at least 2 days. Upon reading this, I immediately went to go see this spectacle for myself.

What I saw saddened me deeply. This is just a little bit of what took place that day. (I apologize for the video quality. This footage was shot with a cell phone.)

As many of you know homosexuality is not accepted in most Christian circles. It is no secret that the Bible calls it a sin (1 Corinthians 6:9-10). There is no way around that. It can be added to the list of other sins that include pre-marital sex, lying and stealing.

It wasn’t the message that made me so sad, it was the delivery of the message. What they didn’t understand is that Christianity is not about degrading others. Jesus Christ hung around what we would consider the low-lifes of the world. He never degraded them or called them names.

If you listen the the video carefully, one of the women in the crowd says “tell me about the love of God”. The preacher totally ignored the statement. She just kept spewing her nonsense.

How do we win souls for Christ? The answer, with love. Anyone who knows the heart of God knows that his greatest pleasure is his love for us. His greatest joy comes when there is a relationship of love between him and us. God does not delight in condeming us to hell.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of preachers out there like this woman. Messages of hate are not a part of the character of God.

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  • freddyfusion

    this is horrible
    the very reason people ignore christians now

    but i guess we gotta pray for her too-

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