An Open Letter to Worship Leaders

Unless you have been under a rock for the last 5 years, you have either seen or experienced the ministry of worship leader.  The role and ministry of a worship leader or a worship team have become staples in churches around the world. There were a couple of things that I think some worship leaders and their teams need to know, so I decided to put together another letter.

Dear Worship Leader,

Week after week, you serve God and you server your church by leading God’s people in worship. I wanted to let you know that your efforts are noticed and they are appreciated. As you continue to move in ministry, I believe that there are a few things that you should be aware of:

1. Worship is not just for Sunday mornings. True worshipers make worship part of their everyday lifestyle.

2. You are a leader. The life you live outside of church matters.

3. Just because you can sing well, that does not mean that you were called to lead worship. Please make sure that leading worship is something that God has called you to do. If you view leading worship as “just something that gives you an opportunity to sing”, you are doing a great disservice to God and his people.

4. Do  not be discouraged if you don’t not sing as well as some other worship leaders. If God has called you to this position, he will equip you with everything you need to fulfill His purpose.

5. Preparation is extremely important. The rest of the congregation can tell when you are not prepared. In addition, when you lack preparation your ministry does not honor God.

6. Wright, wrong or indifferent…many members of the congregation will take their cues from you. If you lack enthusiasm while singing the praises of God, they will too.

7. Song selection is very important. Just because a well know artists records a song, that does not automatically make it a song that is appropriate for praise and worship.

8. There are literally thousands of songs for you to choose from. It is OK to deviate from the same 10-12 songs that you have kept in rotation for that past 5 years.

9. It is important for you to monitor song length. Singing one song for 15 minutes seems a bit unnecessary. I understand that sometimes the Lord moves in a song and you end up singing it longer, but I don’t believe that happens every Sunday.

10. Those people surrounding you with instruments are musicians. Your ability to communicate with them is extremely important.

The role of a worship leader is a vital one. Being responsible for helping people connect with God in worship is an honor. I am praying that God will continue to help you grow and prosper in ministry.


Cliff Holmes

Do you think I left anything out? Let me know.

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