Are fancy clothes really needed for Easter?


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On Easter Sunday, people at churches across the country will be all decked out in their best clothes. New suits, new dresses, new shoes and fancy hats. Even children get a brand new set of church clothes to add to their wardrobe.

Somebody please tell me, what in the world does that have to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ? That is what Easter is supposed to be about, right? When did so many of us become consumed with fancy clothes and dressing up on Easter?

Before anyone goes there, yes I know that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ and not about a green tree or a man in a red suit.

I’m imagining that there are tons of people out there who are struggling to find money to pay their bills, but they will still find the money to buy a new outfit for Easter. That just isn’t right. What type of messages are we passing on to our children. Where are our priorities?

Let me make something clear. I was one of those kids who got a new suit every Easter. Now that I am older and can reflect on those times, a new suit every Easter didn’t make any sense. While I am grateful that my parents had the ability to purchase a suit every year, I understand that new clothes don’t have anything to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

What if we all did something else with the money and time we spend on Easter clothes? What impact would that have on the world? We could use the money to make a donation to a local or national charity. We could take the 2-5 hours we spend looking for clothes and do a service project.

I’m not trying to come down on those of you who buy new clothes for Easter. I’m just offering a new way to thing about things. This is just a little something to think about as we all celebrate Easter.

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