BeBe and CeCe Winans Reuinte on Sunday Best

This past Sunday, the world got to see the BeBe and CeCe Winans reunion on the season finale of BET’s Sunday Best. Gospel’s dynamic duo performed a song entitled "Close To You" from their upcoming album. In addition, it was announced that BeBe and CeCe will be launching a reunion tour. 

First, let me say that I have great respect for BeBe and CeCe as artists and ministers of the gospel. However, I am praying that their new CD contains songs that are actually clearly identifiable as gospel songs. When they were together in the past, BeBe and CeCe recorded a number of what I like to call "gray area" songs. Instead of using words like "God", "Lord" or "Jesus", they used words like "you" or "something". I consider "Close To You" another one of those "gray area" songs.

You’ll hear may hear me say this time and time again. Just because a gospel artist sings a song, that does not make the song a gospel song.

I absolutely love it when gospel artists cross over to pop music charts. What I don’t like is when they compromise to do so. I can’t say that I firmly believe that BeBe and CeCe are compromising. I just wonder why they don’t make a clearer message in some of their lyrics.

Yes, it is possible to sing "love" songs with a clear message. For instance, take "Just To Be Close To You" by Fred Hammond. During the chorus, he clearly ad-libs the words "to the king of kings and Lord of lords." He also does it again with the song "Your Love". Near the end of the song, Fred boldly states "don’t get me wrong, I’m talking about the love of Jesus."

This is just my opinion. What do you think? When BeBe and CeCe sing together, do you think that sometimes they are not as clear with their message as they could be?

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  • Cheryl

    I understand exactly what you mean and I have those same concerns also…especially because I’m aware of how much they say they Love Jesus. Like any in-love relationship just the mention of the individual’s name gives you a high. You love saying the name; you love writing the name; and when you hear the name mentioned by others in other situations it immediately brings you back to your lover. I have never understood why they never “Say the Name of Jesus” as Martha Munizzi so plainly states. Even if they are trying to cross over the charts to reach the secular world this nation don’t need a compromise they need to hear JESUS. On another note they may be how the Lord told them to do it and if they say the Lord told me then what can we say…..Wait to hear the whole conclusion of the matter…because if it’s God there will be some souls behind it.

  • tray

    I dont feel you have to speak His name to express your love…bases of all love should encompass Jesus. All love should be based on the love Jesus has for us. Its not what is said but what is felt.

  • DisappointedDemocrat

    Just a suggestion; but I believe BeBe’s appearance with CeCe, was to put a fresh face on his smudged reputation, with the wife hitting, or pushing-down thing. As for the lack of Jesus focused assurances, their music is kind of middle of the road, to attract more than traditional Christians. I noticed this some time ago. I guess we’ll hear more from their Jesus repertroire, later.

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