BeBe Winans Exonerated of Domestic Violence Charges

BeBe Winans
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BeBe Winans has been exonerated of all charges of allegations that he assaulted his ex-wife Debra Winans. On December 4, the judge dismissed all charges with prejudice. This order concluded the entire matter and it cannot be reopened.

While in some ways I am happy for BeBe, I continue to find stories like this sad. I long for the day when the words assault, ex-wife, charges, and divorce will no longer be associated with Gospel artists. In a perfect world, these words wouldn’t have much weight in our society at all.

My mother once told me that none of us are exempt from life. The older I get the more I realize how right she was. This situation is a reminder that no matter how great of a minister someone may appear to be, they are still succeptible to the snares that can entangle us all.

The good news is that BeBe Winans won’t be convicted. The bad news is that his children will need to grow up in a house without both parents. In the end, they are the ones who will likely be affected the most by this. Parents don’t get along, get a divorce, but the kids suffer. I’m not a theological scholar, but I know that is not what God intends for any of us.

Please keep BeBe Winans and his entire family in prayer. There are some wounds that only God can heal.

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  • cheryl mayfield

    I knew it! Don’t ask me how I knew but bebe winans did not do
    what his wife said he did. vengence is mind saith the Lord. Wait
    on the Lord and everything will come out right on time. God bless
    you bebe!

  • Cliff


    Thanks for the comment. While BeBe did not get convicted, I’m inclined to believe that there were some serious issues. They both could likely burden some of the blame. Let’s continue to lift their entire family in prayer.

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