Being a Church Volunteer: Why It is Important

Do you want to know what really keeps a church alive and prosperous? Many people would say that it is the pastor. I firmly believe that the role of the pastor is extremely important. However church volunteerism is the lifeblood of any church.

Think about it. It takes a lot of work to make a church function. Without the efforts of many spirit filled believers any church would fall apart. The pastor and other salaried staff can’t do it alone.

There are some people that just come to church Sunday after Sunday and they never make any type of contribution. The thought of that makes me sad. I once thought that these people were taking advantage of the church. People take and they take, but they never give back. As I got older, I came to realize that there are some people who need to sit, receive and experience the love of God before they can participate in any manner.

No matter what your gifting or aptitude, there are plenty of ways for you to server God and his people.¬†You don’t need to be a minister or worship leader in order to make an impact in your local church. Every role may not be glamorous, but every role is important to the development of God’s kingdom.

Myths About Volunteering
People often then that volunteering in church is a huge time commitment. That is not necessarily the truth. Your service doesn’t have to be an ongoing thing. You can serve on a rotational basis and still make an impact.

How to Get Involved
Getting involved is as simple as opening your mouth. If you see an area you want to participate in, find the person in charge and say something. Let them know from the beginning how much time you able to commit. There is a spot for you, trust me.

No, we can’t all preach and teach. Some of us need to work the sound or help out in the children’s ministries.

If you want to see your church grow and prosper, then I encourage you to volunteer and give your time. Your church does so much for you spiritually and sometimes naturally. Start giving your time and you’ll begin to see God bless you and your church.

What are your thoughts about church volunteerism? Do you think that there are more people at you church who need to help out?

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