BET Video Gospel Will Air Anyone’s Videos

videogospellogoI have tried to be silent about this for as long as possible, but I just have to say something. Is it me or are some of videos on BET’s Video Gospel very poorly done? Let’s be realistic for a moment. A number of the videos shown on Video Gospel look like they have been recorded on a Fisher Price video camera. In addition, some of the music is not done well at all. After watching some of these videos, I am not compelled to run out and buy the albums of some of these artists. I know I am not the only one who thinks this.

Why is BET showing these videos? I appreciate their willingness to expose us all to new music. I completely get that, but there has to be a better way.

Maybe it is because there aren’t that many other videos to show. I’m sure that many of you reading this enjoy watching a shirtless Kirk Franklin while you are getting ready to go to church. However, I understand why BET probably wouldn’t want to show that video or any other video week after week.

Who is to blame for this? I can’t blame the artists. If I wanted to get my music in front of a national audience, I would do it the most efficient way possible. Even if that means I would need to borrow my 5 year old’s video camera.

I blame BET. I don’t think anybody is forcing them to air these videos. Call me crazy, but I would think that Video Gospel should display the best that gospel music has to offer. There are other venues like YouTube and Tangle for new artists with works that have low production quality.

If BET is struggling for quality content, they could air clips of gospel concerts on DVD. Many gospel artists have released DVDs over the past couple of years. BET can use these clips in conjunction with the current, high quality DVDs that gospel artists are creating.

What thoughts come to your mind when you watch Video Gospel?

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  • Durell

    Change the channel…

  • Clifton Holmes

    I often do. God bless!

  • christina

    i completely agree…the videos are of very low quality…I am always disappointed! and the same videos are played every sunday!

  • A struggling Musician

    Wow!! I am amazed by this but am not shocked at all. Jesus didn’t walk around with a million dollar chain and roll up in a Lexus coupe with 24 inch rims just to preach the gospel. Jesus wore rags but the christian elite prefer magnificent ball gowns fit for kings. This is exactly whats wrong!! these so called Christians who would rather hear the gospel from someone with a million dollar car rather than someone who is struggling to make their way yet still trusting in God with all their heart despite their situation, who is preaching the same words from the same bible whether they are recorded on a toy black & white camera or not.

    At least these Christians are not ashamed of what one may think as so many other “so called Christians are” They are indeed working for the lord and not for the benefit of themselves by trying to get the word of the gospel out to as many as possible and i applaud ~B.e.t~ for airing every video which is sent in by someone who seeks to minister to the blind of our world..

    Last but not least… Here are some verses which can maybe help those who believe such things.

    7:14-24 Every faithful minister may humbly adopt Christ’s words. His doctrine is not his own finding out, but is from God’s word, through the teaching of his Spirit. And amidst the disputes which disturb the world, if any man, of any nation, seeks to do the will of God, he shall know whether the doctrine is of God, or whether men speak of themselves. Only those who hate the truth shall be given up to errors which will be fatal. Surely it was as agreeable to the design of the sabbath to restore health to the afflicted, as to administer an outward rite. Jesus told them to decide on his conduct according to the spiritual import of the Divine law. We must not judge concerning any by their outward appearance, but by their worth, and by the gifts and graces of God’s Spirit in them.

    !!!!!Christ wins every time!!!!

  • Hernandes Union

    5 years ago…this wouldn’t be an issue. Now, everybody thinks it’s ok. As Christians don’t we understand that things are getting worse than we know. To all the support this: I know you don’t read your bible and that the bible DOES NOT rule your lives. You are interested in doing exactly what the world does.

    I have ruled in my home: NO MORE B.E.T. on Sunday Mornings. They have lost my Christian viewership. However, they never wanted US. They ‘selling’ their gospel to the unsaved. And I just know that the Bible says, “The gopsel is foolishness to the unsaved.” So why are we making BAD VIDEOS, BAD CDS AND DVDS, AND BAD BOOKS to people who think it’s foolish to follow the bible.

    Sunday Best ————Foolishness

    Did the Levites in the Bible go from tent to tent looking for “Jewish Idol’ or “Sabbath Best”?
    Where Moses, Aaron, & Miraim the judges??
    Did they get a record deal???

    Some folks will say, “The Old Testament is not something we should be following today. You can’t do what they did way back then, it’s a different time.” Ever wonder why things are SO different now. Because we ARE NOT doing what they did then.

    *************BOYCOTT B.E.T. Gospel Programming****************************************

  • Obhservices

    You really have a problem with God. You ban it on Sunday mornings but I bet you have it on when on the rest of that trash is on.

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