BET’s Sunday Best, season 3, episode 9

Sunday-BestKaren Clark-Sheard opened the show singing Prayed Up from her new CD All in One. Her performance was very good. I don’t know if I have ever seen her display so much energy and excitement.

After all of the contestants performed, Lala Hathaway closed the show with Against All Odds by Phil Collins. She gave a very exciting performance. It would have been tough for anyone to follow the quality singing that went down tonight.

The theme of this episode was Gospel cinema. The remaining five contestants were required to sing Gospel songs that were featured in movies.

Here are my observations:

Tiffany Carlin-Laird
Although she tripped coming on to the stage, she gave a very solid performance of Joyful, Joyful from Sister Act 2. There was a slight bit of hoarseness in her voice, but she pushed through it. Tina Campbell thought that Tiffany wasn’t really into the song. Donnie McClurkin and Yolanda Adams thought she did well. I thought she did OK. I definitely wouldn’t classify her performance as memorable.

Durward Davis
I always cringe a little bit when people try to sing Whitney Houston songs on singing competitions. Let’s face it, most people don’t have the chops to pull it off. However, Durward Davis is not like most people. He absolutely crushed I Believe in You and Me from The Preacher’s Wife. His performance was absolutely phenomenal!

Martha Buries
The judges really seemed to like her performance of Will You Be There by Michael Jackson from Free Willy. I thought she gave a very strong performance. I just didn’t like it as much as the judges did. Right now the bar is set pretty high. I don’t think she reached it.

Elder Goldwire McLendon
Even though he forgot some of the words to He’s All Over Me from The Preacher’s Wife, it didn’t matter. His performance was extremely energetic. It even included some dancing. Elder McLendon’s appeal is so unique, it must be from God.

LeAndria Johnson
My vocabulary is just not good enough to write about how phenomenal she is week after week. She gave an outstanding performance of Maybe God is Trying to Tell You Something from The Color Purple. All of the judges absolutely loved it!

In the end, Martha Buries and Tiffany Carlin-Laird were eliminated. I don’t claim to be a prophet, but for the last couple of weeks I’ve know that the final three would be Durward Davis, LeAndria Johnson and Elder Goldwire McLendon.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Durward is amazing. In any other year he probably would win the competition. However, LeAndria and Elder McLendon are just too special.

Next week should be very interesting. I’m looking forward to hearing some great singing.

Did you see episode 9? What did you think about it?

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  • seritha ford

    I love elder goldwire mcclendon, praise god for him. But the young lady Leandria Johnson just has such a love, a humbleness, and anointing that I am so attracted to. She is truely the best ever on Sundays Best. I pray in the name of our Lord Jesus The Christ that she wins, I feel that she deserves to win. She is such a precious soul. I wish her all the best God has to give her.

  • lisa

    is this a competion or what i now the show would really like for a man to win but how can two contestant forget the words and still move on yes all are very good but this is a compition anointing show be a requirement to get in the compition but you still need to be able to finish the song and not forget the words in a perfect world maybe tiffany carlin-laird could come back as a wild card

  • holmes

    I AGREE 200 PLUS%

  • Sharon

    I feel Elder Goldwire McClendon is Sunday Best. His life is an example of GOD's Greatness, Favor and Love. His singing is something you could wakeup to each day providing you with strength to make it. The others can sing but Elder cuts to the soul providing restoration. People are hurting and do not need the loud singing but need to focus in the present moment and reflect on GOD in their lives.

  • Todd

    I think that Elder Goldwire is great at what he does, but I do not feel that he is as best a fit for this competition as Durward and LeAndria are. I feel that while his performances are good, I feel his strength lies in his delivery-something that might not connect with audiences through audio only ( ex. a CD). As far as talent and personality- I think that LeAndria and Durward are about neck and neck with Durward narrowly surpassing her when it comes to talent and musicality. Now- I must include this here- we as Christians are notorious for pulling for the underdog- but we come by it naturally! I think that LeAndria has more of a fan base because of her compelling testimony. No offense, but throw a homeless person into any competition and watch them gain great support (especially if they are as good as she is). BUT.. my word of encouragement is not to sleep on Durward. He has not missed a beat since the competition. I personally believe that he deserves this just as much as she does, or Elder. Lets not discount people because their stories have not been told to the extent others have :)

  • KT

    I am really enjoying the competition. It has really been a blessing. I think all of them are good and I don't care who wins. This has been the most exciting Sunday Best Season. Yes this is a competition but I feel they really have done what they came to do and that is to witness to others. I believe they all will do well no matter wins.

  • Song-Bird

    Yes, I beleive they all have a story to tell. This year has been a blessing and the anointing has been fresh revealing the presence of God even the more. I pray that all have a door off the best is yet to come, yet I pray Leandria wins. I look forward to her cd projects in the future. God bless.

  • Get Ex Back

    i think, The title given to Sunday Best Season 3 Episode 9 is Gospel in Cinema . … Cinema, episode

  • Marshea_1971

    i love the way that Elder Goldwire McLendon sing he dose a good job evey sunday he is letting the world know that you can do anythng that you put your heart to nomatter what age

  • Jackie Jones

    LeAndria, I love you sister!

  • Jackie Jones

    LeAndria, I love you sister!

  • Eric

    Is there a way I can get Lala Hathaway the song (against all odds) on a cd that I can purchase..

    If there is a way feel free to e-mail me at

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  • Eiccommunications

    Hi Beloved,

    I am Andrew Ohio and I have never seen a show that is as inspiring as Sunday Best in all rea
    Ify TV Show, I was so inspired I felt Africa is left behind in this revolution.

    I run EIC Entertainment and I am a content developer, I have been trying to reach the organizers of this show to have talks on getting Sunday Best done in Africa without compromising the quality of the show designed. Presently I have gotten partners on board to run Sunday Best Africa but need to reach Pastor Kirk Franklin and past the organizers of this show so we could franchise or extend the tentacles of this show to the shores of Africa.

    I will be most greatful if I get a message to help strengthen Sunday Best Africa which we are planning logistics at the moment.

    Andrew Ohio

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