Bishop Eddie Long reaches settlement in lawsuit

According to an attorney involved in the sexual misconduct lawsuit against Bishop Eddie Long, the "matters have been resolved".

Barbara Marschalk, that attorney that represents New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and Longfellows Academy, told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that "the lawsuits will be dismissed, with prejudice by the close of business tomorrow." 

Neither side would comment on the details of the settlement. However, there are rumors going around the internet that the settlement will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $15 million.

The Atlanta Journal constitution also talked to the office of BJ Bernstein, the attorney for the plaintiffs. The paper was told that neither Bernstein nor her clients Anthony Flagg, Maurice Robinson, Jamal Parris, and Spencer LeGrande "would be available for an interview on this matter, now or in the future."

What does all of this mean?

It doesn't seem that we will ever know the complete truth. The plaintiffs can not talk about this incident again and I doubt Bishop Long would want to either. Many people are already wondering why would Bishop Long settle if he did not believe that he is guilty of the charges. Does settling indirectly indicate that there must be some type of truth to the allegations made by these young men?

Over time I have observed that many wealthy people have the ability to use their money to make certain problems go away. Often times they firmly believe that they are innocent, they just do not want to go through the hassle or inconvenience of a trial. There is a chance that this is the perspective that Bishop Long is using. 

Even though there will not be a trial, Bishop Long and the young men in question have to live with these allegations for the rest of their lives. The Bishop Long jokes have already began to resurface. Although he probably doesn't care, I can imagine that there are many people that will never view him in the same light.

Will Bishop Long's relationships with his family or church ever be the same? Can any amount of money help Anthony Flagg, Maurice Robinson, Jamal Parris and Spencer LeGrande deal with the pain that they have experienced?

I am praying that the Lord to do a serious emotional healing in the lives of everyone involved. Settlement or no settlement, I do not believe that anyone actually comes out a winner in this situation.

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  • Marterrell

    I am sure we all will have our own thoughts about Eddie Long, we arer not to judge him or anyone that will be done by God.  Over the yeares there have been so many leaders in our churchs that have been accused of sexual missconduct and have bought there way out, yes! it is over in there eyes but they must pay a bigger price to God, How can they preach one thing and live another we don’t know.  Let us all pray that these thing stop and we all look to God and try to live the life that Jesus lived it is hard but we can try
    Bill W.

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