Can You Be Christian and Gay? Watch Jennifer Knapp on Larry King Live

Jennifer Knapp talks to Larry King about being a gay Christian artist or “person of faith”. Pastor Bob Botsford and Ted Haggard also join in on the conversation. Take a look at all four videos and let me know what you think. Is it possible to be Christian and Gay?

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  • amanda garcia

    I just watched the whole of Larry King’s interview with Jennifer, Ted and you and have to say that you handled it as wish other believers would. You were loving, but truthful. My heart breaks for her and others I know who face the same struggle. I was grieved by Ted’s whitewashed answers and all I can ask is that if homosexuality is not a sin, then why isn’t he still practicing it?

  • Giovanna

    Why do Fundamentalists quote the Bible and say, “God said it, I believe it that settles it.” They assume that the meaning and interpretation of the Bible is simple but ignore the historical aspect of the Bible and its interpretation.

    Apart from a few passages, such as the Ten Commandments, the Bible does not claim to be dictated by God. The Bible portrays the complex interaction between God and humans over long periods of time. The interaction includes presence and absence, revelation and mystery on the part of God. It includes a process of learning and growth, punctuated by periods of regression.

    The writers of the Bible never tell us to turn off our brains. Instead they challenge us to think through the implications of faith in an unseen God who sides with slaves, refugees, immigrants, the poor, and the crucified.

    The scriptures, such as Roman’s, keep coming up with this issue. It’s amazing that something Paul was referencing in regards to pagan activities, prostitution can suddenly be used to reference modern day homosexuality. Paul was not making sweeping generalizations condemning any and all sex activity, when put into historical and religious context he was against idolatry. If Christians today would realize that homosexuality is a state of being and identity that God has given to some people then their lifestyle is not a willful disobedience to God’s laws and commandments. It’s who they are. There are some ministers, bishops and pastors from all different faiths who have come forward stating they accept homosexual Christians to their church and no longer see it as living in sin but other groups continue with their hatred The only thing homosexuals can continue to do is get the law on their side and take it one step at a time like the people born to slavery did. Fundamentalist Christians finally got the message regarding slavery let’s hope they can get the message on homosexuality too.

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