Christian school denies teacher a job because he is gay

According to reports fromĀ, Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy didn’t hire a teacher soley because he was gay. Jonathan Zeng, said that the school initially offered him a job, but then retracted the job once school officials found out that he was gay.

It appears that the school has a policy against hiring teachers who live as homosexuals, because they would be teaching children. The school heavily believes in the sanctity of marriage.

I know you’re probably thinking that there must be some type of law against this. Unfortunately for Zeng, federal anti-discrimination law protects people from employment based on age, race or ethnicity, disability and gender. The law does not specifically protect someone based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

I believe that it is important for Christian schools to hold up and enforce the teachings of the Bible. If a school doesn’t do this, then there is no point in the school operating as a Christian school.

The question is, once an institution starts diving into someone’s personal life, where do you draw the line? Do you ask candidates if they are having premarital sex? Do you ask if someone watches pornnography? Do you ask if a person abuses drugs or alcohol?

Many people would argue that the school is not technically a ministry. As a result, a school can’t necessarily approach employment in the same manner that a church would. I think a better way for the school to operate is to make potential employees aware of the policies during the application and interveiw process. The school should clearly spell out its beliefs and policies. Then, they could include a statement that says “failure to comply to these policies could result in termination.”

What do you think? Was the school right for denying this teacher a job just because he is gay? Do gay teachers belong in Christian schools?

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  • MinisterKarl

    Man lying with man , or woman lying with another woman is an ABOMINATION to GOD.
    The school has every right to refuse employment of this man. America is a Christian nation right from the beginning, but persecution abounds to destroy these values.

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