Christian television network bans popular TV evangelists, an internet Christian network, has decided to ban many popular TV Evangelists from broadcasting on its network. The network has a very strict programming policy and a number of the well-known TV evangelists just are not welcomed there.

The goal of is to remain free from self-promoting ministers and the doctrine labeled by many Christians as “false prosperity gospel.” Their programming policy also states that they will not air ministers who live a lavish lifestyle (at the expense of their audiences).

Despite the restrictions, does offer free airtime for churches and ministries that fit their policies.

I think’s programming policy is interesting. I believe the effectiveness of this policy will be related to the relevance of the network. It doesn’t make much sense to ban people from a network that nobody wants to be apart of in the first place.

If the creators of really do think that there is an issue with many TV evangelists, then I applaud them for taking a stand. As of right now, I’m not completely sure how relevant this stand is. I realize that every movement must start somewhere.

Will other TV networks and media outlets follow their lead? At this point, I have to say that I seriously doubt it. If more networks started to ban certain TV evangelists, they would begin to struggle to stay in business. If the popular Christian networks were forced to go off the air, then we would all be losers in this scenario.

What do you think? Should more networks ban certain TV evangelists?

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  • Tr4

    Great Decision

  • Howard R. Horton

    Well, its about time! I've been a preacher in the church of Christ for 35 years; and, no, I am not perfect all the time; no man is. However, I have been just heart-sick (and, sometimes stomach-sick) over the flat out lying thats been going on in the Name of Christ. Especially, when it comes to “God told me to tell you…” Well, God did no such thing; they know it and I know it. For what they say is God's Word cannot be found in either the Old Testament or New Testament. And, if it “ain't in the Book” then God didn't say it; for He wouldn't contradict His own words! And, then there is the “prayers cloths” and the stupid “oils!” But, you what the “kicker” is. People have their own Bibles, but they are too lazy to study (2 Tim. 2:15); give attention to reading (I Tim. 4:13) and “grow in the grace and knowledge” of our Lord Jesus Christ (2 Pet. 3:18). Yes, there are church of Christ services on TV, but money is not raised by these programs. So, forgive me for being long winded about it, but it…is…about time…Someone put an end to this deception and fraud. Sincerely, Howard R. Horton

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