Do Church Service Times Really Matter?

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Church service times always seem to be a touchy subject for many Christians. Most churches that are predominately African American are known for having long services. However, there are a good number of non-African American congregations that have long services too.

I always hear people debate over which model is better. Is it better to be in church for 3 hours or for 45 minutes? People who are in favor of longer church services frequently use the argument that “we need to give God the time that he deserves. If we can make time for everything else, we can make time for God.”  People also say that “we need to give God time to move”. I have been in long and short services and I haven’t experienced a “lack of anointing” just because service ended before my favorite NFL pregame show was over.

While I totally believe in making time for God, I’m not sure that God really cares how long I am in church on Sunday. I don’t think that God shows more favor towards the church that stays in service for 3 hours. What is more important is the time we spend with God the other 6 days of the week.

God has proven that he can move in a 30 minute or 3 hour service. There is no point in any of us bashing people for how much or how little time they spend in church on Sunday. If you really want to score points and find favor with God, then focus on how much time you spend with him outside of the walls of your cathedral, worship center or sanctuary.

In my opinon, being in service for 3 hours on Sunday is not a badge of honor. It means that there are a lot of people in your church that waste a lot of time during service.

Let me know what you think? Is there a minimum time we should spend in church on Sunday? Do we put constraints on the movement of God?

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  • Leah

    Amen. God says that where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there in their midst. And he also says, those who worship me will worship me in Spirit and in truth. It doesn’t matter how long we spend in the “Church building” because Christians are the body of Christ and we should be worshiping Him at all times in everything we do and say.

  • Joe

    The attitude concerning church service is the problem if you have a if God don’t move in 30 min attitude you’re wrong because the Father looks @ the heart,mind,soul,etc but the Pastor is led to be done earlier than normal then God don’t have problem with that

  • Gyro

    3 hours seems a bit much for me (and if you have kids under 5 you may need to put a half time show in the middle of service).

    But I am less concerned with the length of service and more concerned with the substance.

    Give me short service with a good word preached from the Bible, over a long service with nothing really being said.

  • Cliff

    Thank you all for sharing. Your comments are very well said. Unfortunately, there are people who are strongly against short services.

  • http://n/a Stephen

    Service times or length have always been one of those things that people debate over. For whatever reason, there are people that go to churches who have “marathon services” and they complain that service is too long. Then you have those that go to “short services” and complain that it was too short. There are certainly no shortages of churches in America. We can almost go down the street and around the corner in some neighborhoods…sometimes right next door if you grew up in the city like I did.

    I think the minimum time should be whatever time God sets forth through the Pastor/leadership. If God moves in 30 mins and says go home, then go home. If He is asking you to press on and wait a while, then wait. Sometimes we don’t listen to Him, and go off of our own feelings and past experiences. If we listen, He will speak clearly!!!!

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