Do guns belong in church?

gunThe Christian Post is reporting that a Nebraska bill that would allow church security guards to carry concealed handguns recently advanced in the state legislature.

I’m sure that most of us never thought we would come to a time where guns were needed in the house of God. Unfortunately, recent church violence has made the use of handguns a necessary evil forĀ  some churches.

I grew up in a church where having a security guard consisted of having an elderly gentleman sit in the parking lot and sleeping…I mean watching cars to make sure that none of them got stolen. Believe me, none of us would ever want that brother to carry a gun.

Many of you would probably argue that prayer is all we need and guns are not necessary. I’d like to talk to you after a gunman enters your church and attempts to kill dozens if not hundreds of people. Your perspective may change after that.

We live in a time where people are showing less and less respect for church. I completely understand the school of thought that says we should believe in God alone to be our protector. Pastors are faced will the critical decision about whether they should take extra measures to protect their congregations.

Many of us believe God for protection, but we still have car alarms and lock our doors when we leave our homes. Isn’t this the same thing? What is your take on guns in church?

You can read the complete article here.

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