Do you need to be a great vocalist in order to be a worhip leader

On Monday night, I participated in a discussion that Carlos Whittker was holding on Ustream. This discussion was part of the Conversations From The Red Chair initiative that Whittaker is doing with Jeremy Camp and John Mark McMillan. The three artists are going around the country and having conversations with worship leaders about the best practices for leading worship in the local church.

During the broadcast, Carlos Whittaker posed the following question, “Do you need to be a great vocalist in order to be a worship leader?” He continued asking which is more important leadership skills or vocal skills, as it relates to leading worship.

Here are the opinions that some people shared on Twitter:

“Being a great vocalist can limit your ability to lead worship if you put songs in a range the congregation can’t follow.”

“If the worship leader isn’t worshipping God then they’re not doing it right… vocals are secondary.”

“I feel like you can be a great worship leader even if you don’t have a great voice.”

“Being able to lead people into the presence of God is WAY more important than being a great vocalist.”

“Simply, no! HOWEVUHHHH—you gotta carry some kind of note, right? I’d prefer leadership over vocals.”

“Great voice doesn’t make you great leader. And you can be a great leader w/o a great voice (Willie Nelson)”

In my opinion, leadership is much more important than vocal ability. I think that it is important for a worship leader to be able to hear God and lead the congregation in the direction that God wants them to go. Worship leaders will be so much more effective if they focus on leading people according to God’s will first, and focus on vocal quality second.

Let me know what you think. In your opinion, is it important for a worship leader to be a good vocalist?

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  • The Virtual Preacher

    I am not a worship leader and I am a terrible vocalist. However we don't have any professionally trained worship leaders in our church – Therefore I have to help in certain occasions.

    This is my experience. God helps me with my vocals every time I lead the worship because I worship God and walk with him in every single day of my life. People have personally told me how they eye witnessed God's anointing upon me every time I did.

    Vocals are important. They add extra value to that moment. But vocals alone are not enough. It's very sad to see people who wants to become worship leaders just because they are good vocalists and good musicians. It's not your music skills that should makes you a worship leader. But your desire to lead people into worship God and the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

  • Terry Stuart

    God doesn’t look at how good or bad we sing. He wants people who can praise Him and mean it with their hearts.

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