Dru Hiil gets back together, then breaks up.

Have you ever had God call you to do one thing, but you or someone else wanted to move in another direction? On Thursday, once popular R&B group Dru Hill went on radio station WERQ-FM 92.3 in Baltimore, MD to announce that they were getting back together. This was supposed to be a happy and joyous occasion. Unfortunately,  that is not what happened. Woody uses this opportunity to drop a bombshell on the entire group.

Clearly Woody was and is going through an eternal struggle. Many of us have dealt with struggling between what we want to do and what God wants us to do. He apparently feels the Lord calling him into ministry. Nobody can be mad at him for that. Woody’s first gospel project was pretty good. I love the song “Believer”.

My issue with Woody was his timing. It was horrible! What he did to the rest of the group was flat out wrong. It is not right to use Lord as an excuse. Do I believe that the Lord is calling him to something else? Yes.  However, if you understand how God operates, he would rarely speak to you regarding something that big on the spur of the moment. I am confident that God has been dealing with him about this for days, weeks, possibly even months.

If Woody had the slightest doubt about this reunion, he should have said something way before ever going on the radio. I’m sure God is pleased that Woody is answering his call. I don’t believe that God is pleased with how Woody disrespected his fellow brothers. The way this was announced caused a great deal of hurt and pain. That was not God’s intent.

I encourage you to keep Woody and Dru Hill in your prayers. There is an internal struggle that God needs to work out. This announcement has caused a lot of hurt. Only God can bring true healing in a situation like this.

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  • Angela

    i think that its is possible that the whole event was staged in the name of publicity but it is also possible that woody waited for this moment to get publicity for himself as a gospel artist. to me the incident seemed real because of SiSQo’s reaction but there are videos of people (Scola who is a former member of dru hill and another guy named jAAz who is NOT the same as jaZZ from dru hill) saying that the whole thing was fake. i love dru hill and I especially LOVE SiSQo and wateva the case i hope that they are all successful. yall should check out sisqo’s new songs on you tube they are hot.

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