Florida Pastor cancels Quran burning

Rev. Terry Jones has given up his plans to burn the Quran. This change of heart comes after being promised that the planned Islamic center and mosque would be removed from New York’s ground zero. I think it should be noted that officials from the imam planning center have denied any type of relocation.

It appears that Rev. Jones views relocation of the Islamic center as a sign from God. He thinks that this was God’s way of telling him to call off the Quran burning. I guess the millions of God fearing Americans that have been pleading with him to stop this nonsense wasn’t enough of a “sign” for the pastor.

I’m happy to see that he is calling this off. I’ve already stated how completely wrong I think the whole thing is. President Obama classified this as a “stunt”, and I would have to agree with that sentiment.

Now the the threat of a Quran burning seems to be over, my concerns have shifted in a different direction. Rev Jones has a congregation of about 50 people at his church in Florida. While 50 may not seem like a big number, there is still some danger here. There are 50 people out there that are following a pastor with a very tainted theology.

We only know about the Quran burning because it has garnered public attention. I wonder what other types of things this pastor is teaching his congregation.

I encourage us all to keep this church in your prayers. Let us pray the God shows his true heart to Rev. Jones and his congregation.

What do you think about this whole situation? Do you think the Quran burning should continue?

[img credit: AP]

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  • Jim

    American is so poorly on the defensive with this red herring. The undeniable truth is that there are Muslims out there bent on destroying America whether or not Korans are burnt. Perhaps the Imams should tell those terrorists to stop killing Muslims and non-muslims with their acts of terror. The reason they confront the puny little church instead of those really destructive terrorist Muslims is that they are scared of being killed by these terrorist. There is something really and badly wrong with Islam, but fingers are just pointing the wrong way. I do not agree with Koran burning, but I hope that people in America, especially the muslims would start looking at their religion and start asking “Is the something wrong with Islam” Muslims are so sensitive and people outside the religion are afraid to ask the questions.

    We in Asia are astounded by how “blind” you are to the situation.

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  • http://www.TheGospelBlog.com Cliff

    I think there are people in every religion that behave poorly. There are even many people that claim to be Christians and kill others in the name of Jesus Christ.

    For every 1 “bad” Muslim, there are 12 others that are making positive contributions to their communities and this country. While I am not a proponent of Islam, I don't think there is an Islam problem. I think the problem is that there are evil people out there that do evil things.

  • http://twitter.com/virtualpreacher The Virtual Preacher

    I have never heard of such silly practices done in the name of our Lord. Well, I know the affects of 9/11 will haunt the mind of the American citizen for generations. But can Christians tame evil with evil? I think Rev. Jones should re-read his Bible or go back to Sunday school and learn about loving his enemies…

    Besides when we choose foolish methods like burning Qurans to protest the Muslim terrorists we simply go down to their level… I am a Sri Lankan and I want applause all those Americans who strongly protested Rev. Jones' questionable attitude behind his deeds…

    Finally praise the Lord for there will be no burning of Qurans…

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