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Where do you draw your inspiration? How do you stay motivated and enthusiastic? What do you do when “plan A” doesn’t work?

Yesterday on Twitter, Fred Hammond shared his thoughts and feelings about inspiration. He talked about the times in his life where he had to draw inspiration from others.

Since it is really easy to miss things on Twitter. I thought I would share Fred’s comments. Check out his words below:

When my inspiration flatlines I look for someone who’s mak’n it Happen. it’s like a defibrillator to my creative chest. PRESS IT! CLEAR!!!”

From traveling and playing Bass for the Winans at age19 to March 15th 2010 I’ve had to push that button and say this over&over again CLEAR!”

There’s a word for this train of thought, CLEAR=RE-INVENT..”

When you have an idea and it dies on the birthing table, CLEAR!! Find inspiration from someone or something else. Come up with another one.”

When you feel like no 1 will help you Get your Idea off the Ground, CLEAR!! find away to do it yourself ..”

our pride that jacks us up, we despies small beginnings, hate delayed gratification, we want the big right now!”

We want the Smorgesbord but frown at the 2 fish and 5 loaves. CLEAR!! That thinking will always keep you Jacked!”

Linear thinking can keep you in a box.. connect the dots of successful things & other ideas and apply them to what you’re doing. CLEAR!!”

Comparing yourself to People for the sake of saying how much better you are, is a sure sign you’ll never reach your full potiential. CLEAR!!”

Comparing yourself to others Because you see things in them that can help you improve you, Now that’s str8 Defrib, CLEAR!! You own yo way!”

I tell this story all the time. In the beginning stages of Commissioned I studied Keith Staten, he had such a great command of his Craft.”

I put the bass around my neck and sang my part when it came up but I noticed Keith was much more effective then I was. So I studied him.”

What if I would’ve let Envy Pride or Jelousy take hold of my thinking, there would be no me today, CLEAR!! what a concept.”

Once again CLEAR!! is a concept I’ve adapted for times when my Creativity has flatined.A defibrillator 4 my Creative Heart. Push the Button”

If you look at your ideas as the bomb but it’s not working for anyone else, 9 times outta 10 it’s not the Bomb. CLEAR!! change your thinking”

Don’t think linear, look at popular trends, inventions Top 5 things that are the best in the world, ask God to give you the Code of tht DNA.”

Example: Twitter is a witty invention, why is it so sucsefull? What can you take from this Twit concept and apply to your business or idea?”

Churches that only study other churches will only go so far.You must look @ fortune 500 corps,and Captins of industry to be more effective.”

Saw Tylers play last night, traffic was 5 miles long to get in. CLEAR!! By now you must admit, He’s doing something right. What’s the DNA?”

The IPAD is coming out.. CLEAR!! what’s the DNA?”

Computers, Can’t live without’m, CLEAR!! what’s the DNA? how can you apply this success to the song your writing? Or Salon your Oppening?”

The Passion of the Christ!!! Avatar!!! Star wars and Trec! NFL, NBA, WWF, American idol, Microsoft, Apple, aol, yahoo, the WWW, CLEAR!!”

“It’s simple.. It’s all about People. CLEAR!! as in I’m done.”

I really appreciate it when someone that has made it takes some time to share the things that they have learned. It would be really easy for him or anyone else to keep certain things to themselves. I hope someone will benefit by reading what Fred wrote. I know I will. Thanks for the comments Fred!

You can follow Fred Hammond on Twitter (@RealFredHammond). Please follow me too (@TheGospelBlog)!

What do you think about what he wrote? Where do you draw inspiration?

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  • Bro.Manshalo

    Great article! Truly inspirational!

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