Gulf oil spill doesn’t stop church’s baptismal service


LA Times

Even though oil continues to fill the waters of the gulf, one church still continues to baptize parishioners on the beaches of Grand Isle, La. Members of United Pentecostal Church make a two hour drive in order to participate in the service.

Although the water is contaminated, Pastor Vidal Galvez, his wife, and their two children ages 4 and 9 all wade in the water.

I can fully understand any church’s commitment to water baptism, but is this a wise move? Should the pastor subject himself, his family and his congregation to these conditions?

We must keep in mind that not all churches have the same types of resources. If given the choice, I would hope that Pastor Galvez would choose a nice indoor baptismal pool instead of oily waters. Unfortunately, that choice is probably not available to him.

I admire this church’s commitment, but it makes you think that there must be another way. I can not honestly say that I would want to get in oil contaminated water.

Let’s continue to pray for those affected by this oil spill and pray for the clean up efforts.

What is your opinion? Would you get baptized in these types of conditions?

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