How Chrisitan Artists and Other Ministers Can Make More Money

us-money-photo(You can take this following post seriously or just for fun. The choice is yours)

I was watching Let’s Talk Church on BETJ the other day and the topic of discussion revolved around gospel artists and their ability to make money and earn a decent living. Apparently there are a number of gospel artists who are struggling financially for any number of reasons.

As I watched the show, a number of ideas for posts immediately came in my head. I want to start of by talking about gospel artists and the challenges they face with generating money. Album sales have declined in all genres. In addition, Gospel and Christian artists do not sell as many albums as artists from other genres of music. Given the nature of the economy, it is pretty safe to assume that concert sales will also be on the decline.

So, what is a Christian artist to do? Sure, TV and radio are obvious choices, but that won’t work for everyone. A little bit of out the box thinking is required.

Here are some suggestions that can be adopted by music artists, preachers, evangelists and anyone else who ministers the gospel:

Corporate Sponsorships
I know what you’re thinking. Christian artists already receive corporate sponsorships for tours and concerts. I’m talking about something a little different.

Have you ever seen a professional sporting event from another country or an Arena Football Game? If you have, I’m sure you noticed one common thing that you don’t see in the NFL or NBA. Logos (advertisements) on uniforms. Basically, those teams are paid to stick a logo of a national or local company on their uniforms.

Why can’t Christian artists do that? Would it be terrible if Marvin Sapp had a Church’s Chicken logo on his shirt? Would it really mess up your praise if there was an Old Navy logo on Paula White’s dress? OK, maybe you would be distracted at first, but you would get over it in after a few minutes.

Product Placement
Companies pay large amounts of money to have their products casually displayed in movies and TV shows. The same principles can be applied with music artists and other ministers.

Imagine your pastor preaching next Sunday. Instead of a glass of water covered by a napkin, imagine a bottle of Vitamin Water on the podium. If you go to a mega church and/or go to a church that broadcasts on TV or online, I’m sure Vitamin Water or any other company would love to pay for that type of exposure.

Artists and ministers can use use social media to make money too. John P. Kee (keetwit) and Michael W. Smith (michaelwsmith) each have thousands of people following them on Twitter. They could easily use Twitter to promote products like this:

keetwit It was a long night in the studio. Thank God for 5 Hour Energy! It really helped me make it through.

michaelwsmith On my way to enjoy a beautiful day at the beach with my family. I can’t believe were able to get all of our beach stuff in the trunk of my 2009 Honda Accord.

This one is probably primarily for pastors or church executives. Companies place advertisements on billboards, taxi cabs and on the sides of buses. Why not have ads on inside of churches? I’m sure McDonald’s, Best Buy and Starbucks would love a piece of that action. Before you knock this idea and say “advertisements don’t belong in the church.” Take a look at the church fans next time you’re in church. That’s right, funeral home advertisements.

We don’t want our musicians and ministers to starve and struggle. As you can see, there are plenty of ways they can continue their ministry and live very comfortably.

Can you think of any other ways that Christain artists and other ministers can generate some extra income?

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  • Jae

    I’m just gonna start by saying you are hilarious. And now for my suggestions….
    in church, maybe we could sell bulletin space. Like have a few extra pages in there for advertisements
    during praise and worship, the overhead could have an ad on it. at the bottom of the song could be a footnote “this worship jam brought to you by Pepsi, The Choice of a New Generation”
    during the first few minutes while waiting for church to begin, have a PR person come in and promote his/her product. May take place instead of testimonies.
    Next potluck, instead of placing foods in fancy serving dishes, just let people grab what they want out of the original container. Wal Mart would get a lot of business once people realize that the fried chicken came from there. the church could get a cut of sales when patrons present a coupon

  • Cliff

    I totally forgot the projector screen. That could generate big time money!

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