How do you measure success in ministry?

What makes a successful ministry? Does it depend on how many members you have? Can it be judged by a panel of your peers?

Pastor Jonathan Falwell recently summarized some research where he notes that half of pastors would leave the ministry tomorrow if the could. He continued by saying that 70% are challenging depression while 90% can’t cope with the challenge of ministry.

I’ve never been a pastor, but I know that pastoring is an extremely tough job. It may appear glamorous when you look at certain well know pastors. However, underneath it all, there is a lot of pain, aggravation and hard work.

It is pretty common for most people to compare themselves with their peers. It happens in the workplace and in athletic competition. It even happens in ministry.

We travel down a very dangerous path when we begin to compare our ministry to someone else’s.

Anyone who enters into any type of ministry for fame and recognition is doing it for the wrong reason. We are called to carry out God’s purpose in our lives. For some of us that purpose means ministering to 10,000 people. For others, that means ministering to just one person.

The key here is that ministering to one is just as important as ministering to 10,000.

As you embark on your own ministry, I encourage you to throw away the world’s definition of success. God defines true success in ministry. Carrying out his will is all the success that you need.

What do you think? Is our definition of success in ministry skewed?

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  • Hair Gospel

    Thanks for this post. So many people think Pastors and Ministers don't get depressed or fed up with human beings. It really does not surprise us that if some Pastors could quit they would. It can be so stressful working and serving God to help human beings. We really have to pray for our men and women of God. They need it dearly.

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