How To Find The Right University Campus Ministry For You

Over the last week, students across the country are leaving home and going off to college. As a Christian, leaving home not only means that your are leaving your mother and father, but it also means that you are leaving your church home. Although you’ll be away from your church, it is still possible to grow spiritually and stay connected to a body of believers. There are thousands of Christian ministries on colleges all across the country. Here is how you can find the right campus ministry for you.

What To Pray For
I’m sure you have a wish list regarding the type of campus ministry that you would want to be a part of.
I strongly suggest that you place your own personal desires aside when you pray. Ask God to direct you to the ministry that He wants you to be apart of. He has a spiritual plan for your life even while you are at college. If you acknowledge him first, he will direct your path.

Don’t Try To Match Your Home Church
The worst thing you can do is search around looking for a carbon copy of your home church. You can search as hard and long as you want, but you won’t find what you are looking for. In my opinion, no two churches are exactly alike. Fortunately for you, that is a very good thing.

There is a very good chance that God wants you to have a different experience. He may want you to learn new things for a specific reason. These things you learn can be crucial to the fulfillment of his purpose in you.

2 Types of Campus Ministries
In my opinion they are two main types of Christian campus ministries. The first type is where students are heavily involved in the delivery of the ministry. In ministries like this, the students are leading bible studies
and are deeply responsible for the teachings that go on.

In the second type of ministry there is a campus pastor or campus leader who is responsible for the spiritual direction of the ministry. This person is not a student. He or she is appointed by the church or organization that oversees the ministry. The students are not heavily involved in the creating the content for the teachings. However, students are involved in other aspects of the ministry.

There is nothing wrong with either type of ministry. They both have their benefits. You can belong to either type of ministry and still experience spiritual growth.

One Last Thought
In the grand plan for your life, denominations and religious organizations are not important. What is important is your relationship with God. Focus on finding a campus ministry that will help you nurture and grow your spiritual life.

Please feel free to share what your experience has been with campus ministries.

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  • Alex Philip

    If in doubt, join Campus for Christ. Second best decision of my life!

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