How to Select a Ministry Team

Any effective ministry requires a team effort. Unfortunately, there are plenty of times when one person gets the credit. Even Jesus knew that he couldn’t spread the gospel by himself. That is why he selected the 12 disciples.

If you ever find yourself in a place of leadership in ministry, then you will need to select a team of people to assist you. In a perfect world, the process for selecting a ministry team would start and end with praying and asking God who you should select for your team. Let me be clear, that is the absolute best way to do anything. Seek God first and do what he says.

The reality of the matter is that hearing from God can be difficult for many of us. It is not because God is not speaking and giving us direction. Often times we have problems getting out of God’s way. We let our own desires supersede God’s desires. That is never a good formula.

Sometimes we need a guide to save ourselves, from ourselves. Here is a list of things to consider when selecting a ministry team:

1. Select people who have a love for God. It is important to surround yourself with people who diligently seek after the Lord. When this happens you will have a team that is focused on God’s agenda and not their own.

2. Select people who are committed to service. In Christianity, Jesus Christ is the only superstar. The rest of us are servants. Anyone who wants to be a superstar is not someone you want on your team.

3. Select people who are faithful and teachable. You want people around you who are dependable. In addition, they also need to be willing to learn from you or anybody else.

4. Select people who are called to do the ministry of your team. If someone is good in one area of ministry that does not mean that they should be functioning in all areas of ministry.

5. Select people who are different than you. We all have something to bring to the table. You will benefit greatly if you have people on your team who have gifts and talents that you don’t have.

6. Select people who are not afraid to respectfully share their opinions. It is always good to receive other perspectives in any situation. In the end, the ultimate decision may be yours, but God will often use other people to open your eyes to new things.

I can’t stress it enough that the most important thing you should do is follow God. He may tell you to select someone that does not fit any of the criteria listed above. There is a chance that he may be using you and your ministry to bring change in someone’s life. The list I provided above should point you in the right direction. Above all, you should follow God.

Please share your thoughts and experiences with selecting a ministry team.

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