How to Use Twitter for Ministry

Here is a quick and easy tip that explains how you can use Twitter for ministry. As you probably know, Twitter is a great tool for publicizing information about your ministry. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about using Twitter to actually minister to people and speak words of encouragement in their lives.

First, go to or On these pages you can search for words or phrases that people post in their Twitter updates. Ask the Lord which words or phrases he wants you to target. You can use phrases like “mother died”, “bad day” or “I’m sick”. One of the phrases that I like to use is “pray for me.”

After you type in your phrase and hit “Search”, results will immediately begin to appear on your screen. Start reading the updates and the Lord will begin to direct you about who to talk to. Once you have picked someone, log into your Twitter account and send them a message.

For instance if someone needs prayer for a job interview, you can post something like this:
@username I’m praying that God gives you favor today and that his will be done.

I admit that this doesn’t appear to be world changing ministry, but you never know how a couple words of encouragement and support can go a long way to bless someone. I encourage you to give it a try.

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  • Gwendolyn MacLaughlin

    I looked and saw this is new, this seem to be a great idea. I am already doing somthing like this sending encouragement and support using god’s words to my friends at experience project where I have blogs. They write me back and thank me for my concern and encouraging and supporting words. I will love to help spread the good news about God and Jesus and Praise and Worship. I would also be sharing information from books that relates to the person’s situation and concern. This is a great opportunity to minister which all born again christians are to do, in a simple and easy and effective way. This will give me something forward to look to achieving each day.. Bringing the good news of the gospel and a ray of hope for the sufferings of people.

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