Hundreds of Churches will be closed on 10/10/10

Three Christian organizations, World Vision, Zondervan, and Outreach Inc. don’t want you to go to church on Oct. 10, 2010. In fact, they want your entire church to be closed on that day. Instead of going to church, they want you to participate in Faith in Action.

The Faith in Aciton program is campaign to encourage churches, ministries and small groups to serve and meet practical needs in their local communities. The program encourages church members to invite their friends and partner with the community to perform service projects.

Through this initiative, churches have organized food drives and given assistance to the elderly. Other churches have provided landscaping services and created shelters for women and the homeless. You can see the experiences that churches have shared by visiting the Faith in Action Facebook page:

Churches all around the country are participating in this event. You can check the roster to see if a church near you is participating:

I think community service is a Christian principle that many churches overlook. What good is preaching and teaching inside the four walls of a building if we aren’t willing to meet the needs of the community around us?

I know it may be tough for some churches to shut down on a Sunday and participate in an event like this. Let’s face it. Many churches view Sunday as “revenue” day. That is the day they collect money in order to maintain the operation of the church. Many churches can not afford to go an entire week without collecting money from its members.

Do you and/or your church church have plans to participate in Faith in Action or a similar community service type event?

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