Is it OK to laugh at speaking in tongues?

People make jokes all of the time about church and Christian related things. We see people joke about pastors, ushers and choir members.

What about speaking in tongues? Do you get offended when people make jokes about speaking in tongues?

I have seen stage plays where people make fun of speaking in tongues. I have also seen comedians do it? Does this offend you?

Is there such a thing at going to far with Christian jokes and comedy?

Post a comment and let me know what your thoughts are about this.

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  • The Virtual Preacher

    Concerning Christian comedies and jokes, some times they go too far… The Bible says that Jews unaware of what they were doing laughed at Peter and the other disciples when they spoke in tongues (Acts 2:5-13). Today it communicates three things when Christians laugh at those who speak in tongues.

    1. They do not know their Bible

    2. They are childish

    3. They are ignorant and have no respect for matters related to God.

  • Ettoemeldina

    To be sincere,some people tongues do make you feel as to laugh,but it should not be taken for granted.

  • Richard Donahue

    On the last night of a revival in a Baptist church after the service was over many had already left but there was a few who gathered in the back of the church to see a woman who was speaking in tongues.

    The pastor walked back to see what was going on and he listened to the woman and then shouted with a “praise to the Lord!

    He told those who where there that this woman has the gift of tongues and he had the gift of interpretation of tongues. He said that God said that this lady will give this church 10.000 dollars!

    She never came back

  • Terry Stuart

    Speaking in tongues is nothing to laugh at. Speaking in tongues is a gift of God and Christians are to use it wisely. Speaking in tongues is a prayer language between a Christian and God.

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