Is Kirk showing too much skin?

Controversy follows Kirk Franklin like moth to a flame. A few weeks ago I was talking to a couple of people about Kirk Franklin’s new video. One of the people I was talking to had a problem with the video, because they thought he was showing too much skin. At the time I hadn’t seen the video, so I had to check it out for myself. 

Anyone who thinks that this video is inappropriate for a Christian artist needs to get a grip. This video was wonderfully made. I didn’t find anything wrong with Kirk having his shirt off. The theme of the video is a boxing match. What else would you expect him to look like.

My only issue is with the boxing sequences. I wish they were choreographed a little better. Kirk’s a musician not a boxer, so I can definitely let that slide. Ease up on Kirk and enjoy the video.


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  • Ashley

    I guess when people think about the issue with Kirk Franklin’s video they have to ask themselves these questions:

    Would my husband be ok if I did a video with a theme of a strip club, dressed up as a stripper, and gave men lap dances? What else could you expect from a “strip club themed” video.

    Would one’s wife be ok if they did a video about adultry and her husband had to “pretend” to commint adultry with a woman other than his wife?

    All “real” christian men would throw a fit if their wife decided to engage in such lasciviousness. But, we have to pray for Kirk Franklin because I dont understand what goes through his head sometimes. He’s a very creative and talented man, why couldnt he come up with another theme for his video that didnt involve him being half naked.

    Thanks for reading my comment.

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