Is There Anything Wrong With a Woman Wearing Pants in Church

Picture-1I know there are many churches that do not allow women to wear pants. In fact, when I was younger I went to a church that believes that women should not wear pants. I know better now. I have not been able to find any biblical reference to support to this opinion.

Take a look at this picture. This church is clearly expressing their stance on the issue. I’m assuming they are referring to women. I can’t imagine a church telling men to to wear pants, but you never know.

Is holiness really connected to a person’s attire? What are your thoughts on this?

(This picture was sent to me from an anonymous source. I think they got it from a facebook page.)

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  • Diondra Reuben

    This picture hurts the body of Christ! We shouldn’t choose to minister to a certain group of people. This church has basically turned away both men and women. If a man with no church backgroud sees this, I can assume that he would wonder what type of church is this. I grew up in the COGIC church. I’m 26 and have never joined a church that wasn’t COGIC, but the churches that I’ve joined doesn’t believe what is portrayed at this church. It isn’t inthe COGIC manual that woman shouldn’t wear pants. And the scripture that the church uses, somewhere in Deut., can be taken mant ways not just pants. Hey, when you think about it, pants did not exist in the bible days!!! So how could that scripture relate to pants?

    Each believer has a right to choose! If the rule for your church us that woman cannot wear pants, then you have a choice….. You can be a part of the church and obey the rule and nit wear pants or you can wear your pants and go to a church that allows it. Point blank!!!

  • Cliff

    Diondra, thanks for the comment. I grew up COGIC too, but I’m not GOGIC any longer. As I got older I realized that there is a big difference between church doctrine and Bible doctrine.

    I just pray that more churches follow the Bible instead of their own beliefs and feelings.

  • Ann Brock

    Hey Cliff, you know tradition is a scary thing… while it is a comfort to those who are stuck in it, it also binds them because it prevents growth for fear of change….I love the COGIC church I grew up in it also…But there’s no Biblical basis for women wearing pants.

    If I happen upon a church with a sign that stated “Women No Pants” I would honor their request out of respect for that house.

  • Cliff


    You are right. The Bible talks about the importance of obedience and respect. While I don’t agree with such rules, I do think they should be honored and respected if the church makes the request.

  • Janice King

    Well, if a female comes to thi

    Well the problem is, if a women comes to this church in a desperate state and happen to have pants on, what would she have to do go home first to change? perhaps she may need prayer right then and waiting would be to late. especially if she as a sinner dont have a dress at the time. The sign is acually saying we cant help or pray for you if you have on pants. What happened to come as you are, but you dont have to stay as you are. The problem with all these man made rules is that each church has their own set of rules which brings seperatism in the body of Christ. If we stick with the word of God then all the churches would be one. We dont read our bibles enough, and many are afraid to seek truth outside of their pastors teaching. You can respectfully examine scriptures for yourself as we were told to. In the end of the day we all will have to give account for our own understanding given by the Holy Ghost. rather than understanding given to us by someones else’s understanding on the scriptures. Man looks at the outward part of man while God looks at the heart. If a man wore pants from the womens department they would say he was dressing pertaining to a women. So if a women wears them how could she be dressing pertaining to a man. come on, you cant have it both ways. this is what confuses a lot of people that geniunly want to just be saved. Its an inward job not an outward. Women should do a paul suggested, dress moderatly, not revealing whether it is dress or pants. you can miss the mark of holiness with either one. whats on the inside will show on the out side with whatever you wear. tight dresses, showing clevelege,or tight pants showing the outline of all your privite stuff will definately show whats on the inside. I dont wear pants because I choose not to but I dont put people in hell if they choose to. Men wore skirts in the bible days. deut 22:30 Man shall not take his fathers wife, nor discover his father’s skirt. deut 22:5 women shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment. read verse 11 Thou shall not wear a garment of divers sorts, as of woollen and linen together, now then if we take this scripture as we do deut 5 then we are all in trouble because we wear mix material all the time, you cant take part of the word and leave off the rest. I agree we should not purposely try to take on the identity of the opposite gender. takes more than pants to do this.Its not always what you wear but How you wear it. If a women trys to dress to look like a man i would say something is wrong. the same with a man if he tried to look like a women. Church Im persuaded that its the hidding things that are killing the church, such as the sin of hypocracy, backbiting, lack of love and compassion, respect of person, love of money, wealth and things more than people. selfishness, sowing discord, unforgiveness. unrigteous judgement, I could go on but you get the point. come on saints if you choose not to wear pants that fine but just dont condemn others for their choice or their understanding of the word. there was a time when cogic would not let you wear sandals, until someone brought in the point tha Jesus and the disciples wore them. You also could not wear see through stockings but thank God for better understanding. They need to change that sign for real. Why would they band pants but allow hidden sin in the midst? sounds self righteous to me.

  • Kim

    If Pants is a heaven or hell issue, then surely Adam and Eve is in hell because they were naked in the garden.

  • Smhh

    Like the person who asked this said its not in the bible (NT). So, its not bible based. Its just a “mans law”. Please, look for yourself its not in the New Testament at ALL. I don't think God would forget something out of the New Testament if your soul was ridding on it. God bless.

  • Yohan & Shery Perera

    There's nothing wrong with women wearing pants to the church as long as they are long, loose and covered.

  • Travariouscunnnungham32

    PTL. I respect everyone’s comments but here is my opinion. In Deuteronomy 22:5 says, “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.” 1 Peter 1:1-5 says, “Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives; 2 While they behold your chaste conversation coupled with fear. 3 Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; 4 But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price. 5 For after this manner in the old time the holy women also, who trusted in God, adorned themselves, being in subjection unto their own husbands:” Yes, there is something wrong with women wearing pants. Now the church sign above is a little extreme, but the point they are trying to get across is right. At my church, women visitors come in with pants on. But the next time they come, they will have on pants because they respect our teaching. And I know somebody is going to say the Bible says come as you are, but when you get there and get your life right with God, you have to do some changing! THIS BIBLE HAS A DRESS CODE! You can’t try to live a saved life, but yet live dress like the world. We are different, peculiar people. Wearing a skirt does not make you saved, but it is a part of you’re teaching and salvation. I’m pretty sure women back in Jesus’ day wasn’t wearing pants! Smh so many churches, pastors, bishops, etc are taking down because they want the membership. But just cause you’re church is full of people doesnt mean one thing! Your life has to be in line with the word of God because God’s word doesn’t lie.. it’s true and you have to take it as it is! Be blessed

  • Sharon Smith

    Do some of you really know what you talking about? I some of you are really confused. That why I left the DENOMINATION Cogic and that building which is not the real CHURCH. JESUS said he will build his church with living stone not man-made stone. People are the church. I agree with what Janice King said. That is why so many people don’t want to be saved and added to the TRUE CHURCH because of so many man-made traditions. A lot of ya’ll so called christians are condemning people to hell. So worried about a woman wearing pants which was not made during that time and the bible doesn’t even says anything bout pants they were wearing robes at that time. So if you want to make a point men shouln’t wear pants either because it shows the shape of their body to. If the love of GOD is in you and the fruit of the Spirit it will show in the way you talk, walk, and dress because actions speaks louder than words. So people please teach the true WORD of GOD not to your understanding,but to GOD understanding. That means you have to study and meditate on his words and pray to GOD your father for understanding and knowledge.

  • Pts1

    Man looks at the outward appearance
    God looks at the heart.

  • Brother Samuel

    I recently posted your blog to my facebook account. Here is comment made by  James R. Lewis All theology aside, my understanding of the English language tells me that the use of the double negative creates a positive. In other words to “don’t” wear “no” pants, one would have to wear pants.

    maybe change it to Women don’t were pants in this church
    Deuteronomy 22:5 King James Version (KJV) 

  • Suprina Ford

    So do your men have on skirts for they surely wore them, and show me in scripture that says I have to wear a dress? All you religious folks is going to have to answer to GOD for you should never want to push people away from church and what happens for the women that been raped and is fearful of skirts/dress so just send her to hell right? My GOD how did you get your license? I think you need to really find out why Jesus said He came for the sick and the lost, who did you say you serve? Can’t be the same GOD for I do know there is good in the hood. Let the Holy Spirit lead one to dress code ( to modesty) and you do what Jesus did HE LOVED US ALL RIGHT WHERE WE ARE AT AND IN TIME ONE DOES CHANGE. I WAS A GANG MEMBER THAT THEY SAID WOULD NEVER CHANGE HA GUESS WHAT I AM NOW AN ORDAIN APOSTLE PREACHING TEACHING THE GOSPEL SO SEND ME ALL THE PANTS WEARING WOMEN AND WE WILL SEE WHAT GOD WILL DO.

  • Brother Samuel

    I am happy I say, that my wife wears a
    dress to church and a veil too!

  • Charles

    God’s clothing for the male is facial hair—not pants.  There are overpowering reasons why history should be studied—it helps us to reach correct conclusions.  Skirts and pants are in all cases sex neutral.  But people can’t help themselves, they have to reason by association.  Horseback riding by men caused the trouser/skirt division of the sexes, then the factory work in World War 2 set in motion the freeing of women to wear pants, because people always resist change.  They call it sin, crime, deviance, mental illness, witchcraft, heresy, apostasy, or any other label that works.  Don’t you people think Jesus understood what Deuteronomy meant, especially when he was teaching scholars at age 12?  Men in skirts are hardly abomination to God, that’s what the Roman centurion was wearing in Luke 7.  Jesus would not have commended him as having the greatest faith, if skirts were only for women and men wearing skirts were abomination to God.  Rome exiled men in pants in AD 393 and in AD 867 the Bulgarians asked the Pope if they could be Christians, even though they wore pants.  Pants comes from Pantalone, the top clown in the medieval Italian Comedy of the Arts.  The last verse in that chapter mentions the man’s father wearing a skirt.  Style differences are not sex differences.  The Greek army still wears skirts today, suggesting that women can’t wear pants and more so that men can’t wear skirts is shamefully stupid.  Graduation gowns, judicial robes, choir robes, and ethnic male costume in many nations today, are remnants of the skirt age for men.  The sexes are to present as who they are, but this in no way assigns one tube to females only, or two tubes for the legs, to men only.  Bras?  Yes of course they’re female, and are not worn in any world culture which still has men sometimes in skirts (Tonga, Tahiti, Samoa, New Zealand, Hawaii, Albania, Bhutan, Dervishes in over a dozen Arabic states, Scots and many others.)  If dogma is desired, skirts make more sense to be assigned to men than to women, because men can justify a need for extra free space where it’s needed most, as well as breeziness, for which shorts are still a “fail.”





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