Is there such a thing as too much church?

I grew up in a church that held multiple services during the week and on Sunday. I know there are hundreds, if not thousands of churches around the country that do the same thing.

Is it good for Christians to spend 4 or 5 nights per week in church? I am not against spending time in church, connecting with other believers, and worshiping the Lord. However, I wonder, is it possible for us to spend too time in church services?

If we spend the majority of our time in work and church, how do we make time for the other things in our lives?

How much time is left for family? How much time is left for family activities and outings? How do we support our children and all of their extracurricular activities?

How much time can we commit to ministry outside of the church walls? How much time can we commit to serving our communities? How much time can we commit to mentoring and discipleship?

I firmly believe that attending church services is a good thing. However, I’m starting to believe that attending too many church services may not be the best thing for our lives.

If we spend the majority of our time within the four walls of a building, how can we expect massive amounts of people to come to Christ? Jesus instructed the disciples to go out into the world to preach the Gospel. I’m not completely sure that holding 4 church services Monday thru Friday and 3 services on Sunday is what he had in mind.

I want to know your thoughts on this. Is it possible that too much church is a bad thing?

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  • The Virtual Preacher

    I agree with you… It's not only the attendee/believer who will be affected negatively but the Pastor and the church staff too. I believe just a one service during the week is more than enough. I am from Sri Lanka and most Sri Lankan churches conduct a miracle night service during the week.

    Nothing is too much with God… But we should balance our priorities using wisdom and common sense.

  • Pmpope68

    In a word, YES. I often wonder when does God get an opportunity to speak to us if we're so busy with activity ABOUT Him? That even includes reading the Bible. Do we so immerse ourselves in study of the Word ABOUT God that we don't leave room for getting to KNOW Him? Can God even speak to us about His word or are we more wrapped up in our studies OF Him to the extent that we cannot hear Him speak to us for Himself?

  • cryptblade

    I wish this post was longer. This is a loaded question, loaded topic. Count me as one of those over-churched ppl. My first and only church thus far was a megachurch. It started off as a good church for me with good teaching, Biblically based. Then I saw all the junk that went on. Thinking about it and listing it would just…take forever. But I definitely think there is too much church, too much focus on “church”

  • Dre66

    Too much church – not enough God!

  • friend

    I find myself feeling the same way. On top of not having time to do other things, I find it hard to spend the quality time I need with God. When I try and make the time, I’m so tired that I can’t give God my full attentention. Even though I’m in church all the time, I miss God. I’m thinking it has to be more to this.

  • Ellen

    Yes, I think that too much church is a bad thing. There are many reasons why too much church can be bad. One reason would be spending time at church just to catch up on gossip. Another reason is because churches have too many activities and having them be presented as obligations, regardless of whether it is God centered or not. From experience I have found that the activities that are okay to attend are ones that don’t require a lot of time. I have found that it was a mistake to spend an entire day at Cedar Point with the Youth group because the kids in the group did not get along. Who wants to spend six or eight hours with people who cause conflict?

    I also feel that churches need to spend more time getting to know people individually. I have found the hard way that it is not a good thing to share sensitive information on experiences with a large group. That’s a breeding ground for gossip and betrayal. Churches also need to be more respectful of people’s needs outside the church, whether it be a job, family day, resting, doing something truly productive, or quiet time with God.

    If it looks like I was ranting, I apologize, it’s just that this is a loaded question and there are all kinds of scenarios on why too much church is bad.

  • Terry Stuart

    No. The church that I go to has one service a week and for me that is not enough. Church is like an engine on a Model T Ford. You had to turn the wheel to get the engine to run. The same way with church. To keep going as a Christian we need to turn the engine on and the way to do it is attending church services.

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