Is your church international?

storefrontchurchI see churches all the time with the words “international” or “worldwide” in their name. Somebody please tell me what makes a church “worldwide” or “international”?

If a church has a location in another country, then I can understand using the term “international”. If a church does a lot of work and ministry in another country, then I can understand using the term “worldwide”. I can even understand it if a church has an extremely culturally diverse congregation and they choose to label themselves as “international”.

Here is what I don’t understand. I’ve seen churches that have sanctuaries that are the same size as my bedroom. (No, I don’t have an extremely large bedroom) What makes these churches “worldwide” or “international”?

There is nothing wrong with having a small church. I think many people benefit from that type of atmosphere. I just question the thought process behind the naming of the church. Is this some type of wishful thinking? Are these pastors trying to speak something into existence?

Call me crazy, but I don’t think placing some videos on YouTube makes a church “international” or “worldwide”. Especially when the church does not even make any type of attempt to impact the community around them.

We should not seek to try to impress people with fancy titles. It is completely OK to just be in the place that God has us. If God calls a church to be a local church, then that is OK. The real glory comes when we fulfill our purpose in God, not when we add a fancy title to our name or the name of our church.

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