Listen to Tye Tribbett’s New Single “Fresh”

Check out Tye Tribbett’s new single Fresh. This song is from the upcoming album with the same name. The new album is scheduled to be in stores sometime in September or October.

Listen to the song and let me know what you think.

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  • Jbenjamin85

    This is FRESH! Love it!

  • Reggievictory

    Love it

  • @Jbenjamin85

    I cant stop listening to it. I want to own it. I can not wait for this new album, he is truly progressing as an artist.

  • Jprincess3

    Very creative! loving the techno style and mixes. I'm grooving to this…sweet.

  • Cliff

    I like the song too, but I thought autotune might turn some people off. I guess not.

  • Stephen Barry

    way too much autotune…and the outro is way too long and repetitive…not sure what to feel about it. It's not really bad once you get into it, and maybe it will catch on…however, it doesn't hold up to his previous work with G.A. at all…

  • Bbygurl15

    It's definitely inspiring in the world we live in today. Were peer-pressure is the “inspiration” to youth today. I love the thought that we can still be REAL and FLY while being a Christian who loves and reps for GOD to the fullest. Congrats Tye, and God bless!!!! Port City all day long! Wilmington, North Carolina

  • Cliff

    I think the song is very inspiring too. If you like this song, wait until you hear the entire album.

  • Molifedaword

    i dont like it… i love your ministry, but this is to much for me… why do you have to call it fresh… you dont think God could have created something in more creative in you…FRESH fo real, why do we all have to go Hip Hop with it. God is a creater!!!!!

  • Craigndarien

    “FRESH”????? I never knew FRESH was a HIP HOP word… are you serious??????????? Where did you find this info out at. THE ALBUM IS CRAZY!!! KEEP DOINF YA THING!!!

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