Mary Mary “God In Me” Controversey

marymary2Apparently there is a whole lot of buzz around the web about Mary Mary’s “God In Me” video. To my knowledge EEWMagazine began sparking the discussion and asking the question “Has Mary Mary gone too far?” In case you haven’t seen it, the video features cameos by music and TV personalities like Heavy D, Kanye West, Amber Rose, Common, and Fonzworth Bentley. Apparently, there are many people who believe that Mary Mary “went too far”.

Are these people serious? There is absolutely nothing wrong with having certain people make a cameo in a music video. I think some people need to seriously get a grip. We want our ministers and gospel artists to go out and win souls for Christ, but we handcuff the way they do it. We tell them what their music should sound like. We tell them how they need to talk. We tell them who they can and can not hang out with. I think we need to leave them alone.

We need to all remember that Jesus hung out with everybody. That includes people most of us would call “unsaved” or “un-churched”. How do any of us expect to reach these people if we don’t have some type of association with them? Jesus clearly role modeled this to us. Why is it so hard for us to follow his example in this area?

Creflo Dollar got blasted for making a appearance in Jermaine Dupri’s “Welcome to Atlanta” video. What people don’t widely report is that Creflo openly admits that being in that video attracted a number of unbelievers to his ministry.

If you notice, Israel Houghton is also in the video. Think about this. You have Israel, and Mary Mary all on the same set with some famous personalities that some people classify as unbelievers. Imagine all of the conversations that could have happened on set. Israel could have been ministering to Kanye West about overcoming the death of his mother.

If you watch the video, they aren’t having drinks. There no sexual content or profanity. Nothing “bad” is going on.

As believers we can not put ourselves in a bubble and ignore the rest of the world. We can’t just sit in our churches and treat them like exclusive country clubs where you need to look and talk a certain way to be included.

Let me make something clear. I don’t think it is wise to spend the majority of your time with someone who does not follow christ. Over time, they could be a negative influence on you. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with lunch or coffee from time to time. This is also nothing wrong with having someone appear in a music video.

Take a look at the video and tell me what you think.

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  • Lynn

    It gives the appearance of not being Holy by associating with very worldly people as if what they do is ok. The video doesn’t show them preaching to them, it makes it look as if what the world is doing is ok, no problem. Also, Mary Mary touring with Maxwell is definitely wrong! He is very sexual and some of his lyrics are explicit and if they are talking about being HOLY, How is being on the set with him ok? What are they doing, preaching in the first set, then the people go get their sin on?!?!?

  • DJ

    I agree with Lynn!!

  • Andrea

    I don’t agree with Lynn…all the song is saying is these people have what they have bc of the grace of God. Personally I think there is nuthing wrong with them going on tour with maxwell bc that maybe the only time and of those people were able to hear a word from God…and who are we to say tthat that’s not where God wanted them to be. I love the song and super uplifting and encouraging and they should keep doing what God tells them to do and keep praising Him the best way they know how

  • Cliff


    You are so right. It is not about what we think and what. It is about what God wants.

  • Joyce

    Sorry Andrea, I agree with Lynn too.

  • Amhill

    i also agree with lynn

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