Megachurch Interviews Ted Haggard

ted-haggardThe Christian Post is reporting that Ted Haggard and his wife recently held an interview at Elevation Church in Charlotte, N.C.

Steve Furtik, lead pastor of Elevation Church, knew this would be a controversial move, but he felt like this was something that his congregation could benefit from. I agree with him. Having someone like Ted Haggard can show a person that even the best of us can fall victim to sin if we are not careful. It also shows people that when we do fall into sin, there are people that will support us and help us recover.

It has been over 2 years since Haggard was removed from his position in ministry. Initially, we really didn’t hear much from him. Nobody doubts the fact that Ted Haggard made a huge mistake. However, after his mistake he did one extremely smart thing. He took that time to heal.

I could be wrong, but I didn’t see Haggard running through a huge media gauntlet when his activities came to light. He wasn’t doing interviews and talking about he was going to be the poster child for struggling with and overcoming homosexuality. He took time to reconnect with God and his family. Isn’t that the way it should be?

How many times have we seen ministers have a struggle in their life and then they want to immediately jump back in the pulpit? In addition, they immediately want to be the poster child for all types of causes. Is this right?

It is good to see that Ted Haggard has now come out and he is sharing his story in greater depth. Over the course of the last two months, he has been on Oprah, Larry King, and Good Morning America.  He has even been featured in an HBO documentary “The Trials of Ted Haggard”.

I believe that God will use Haggard’s situation to minster to others in a variety of ways. None of us are perfect. What was one seen as a situation marked with sin and shame is can now be viewed as a hope and reconciliation.

Let me just say this. Ted Haggard’s wife Gayle must be a special person. I don’t know anyone who would have blamed her if she left him. I’m sure this has been an extremely challenging time for her. She deserves to be commended for her love and support.

Healing should be our most important objective when we go through struggles in life. There will be time to minister at a later date.

Please continue to remember the Haggard family in your prayers.

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  • Truth

    One must come completely clean with there wife and God. With God, for your healing so you can once again hold your head up, being forgiven. Ted must Pastor no more and denounce homosexual behavior, and witness what he does. He must pray that God opens his eyes to the truth of Christ, most know not of. It is real, we only need to realize The Spirit of God is here, and we are about the Kingdom of God, as all is within his Creation. Its not over there or in the future, it is here and now. We must not be ashamed in talking to God and Yeshua. They are present, ask him to open your eyes also. Yes, you, now reading this. He has been trying to reach you. I was compelled to wright this.

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