My Day at Twitter Church With Kirk Franklin

kirk-twitterI’ve been to church services in many different venues. I’ve been to church services in cathedrals, store fronts, stadiums, parks, and college campuses. I’ve also experienced services online, on TV and on radio. I never thought I would be part of a church service on a social network. Well, that is exactly what happened yesterday when I observed Kirk Fraknlin (@kirkfranklin) holding church on Twitter.

It wasn’t church like most of us are accustomed to. There wasn’t praise and worship or testimony service. There wasn’t a choir or preaching either. Kirk took on questions from all comers about life, religion and spirituality. The end result was quite interesting.

Kirk was getting what seemed to be like a flood of questions from many different areas. Some topics included lust, dealing with parents, and salvation. The question about salvation ended up being a bigĀ  topic. In a nutshell, the question was “Is it possible for us to loose our salvation?” Although we never loose our salvation, we can forfeit the benefits of salvation by some of our actions. Kirk plans to do get a seminary professor and do a video blog to further explore the topic. I’ll keep you updated as to when it comes out.

The concept of a gospel artist fielding questions about life, religion and spirituality is very interesting. Answering questions with 140 characters or less is a challenge. It doesn’t seem to me that Kirk Franklin had anything to gain from this personally. However, I am confident that he made a contribution to the advancement of the kingdom of God through this small venture.

I am happy that I got to experience this. I hope there will be more in the future.

Did you get to observe “Twitter church”? If so, what are your thoughts?

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  • DezSpence

    I participated in Twitter Church with Kirk Franklin since its inception; and I must say, God uses his people, whereever, however. It was quite interesting. I think Kirk did a very good job shedding light on God’s truth without compromise. The subject matters were varied and deep; and yes, God did get the glory out of this experience. This is a wonderful tool and resource. Whereever the ‘world’ is, we, as God’s children must GO and shine his light into all the dark cornered. May God Bless Kirk Franklin and his efforts.

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