New Music: “One Day” by Janice Gaines

A few months ago, I told you that Janice Gaines was an upcoming artist that you should pay attention to. She is quickly increasing her profile in the Gospel/Christian music industry and has begun to garner support from artists like Donnie McClurkin, Mary Mary, Natalie Grant and Donald Lawrence.

Janice has just released her first single entitled “One Day”. This song is a beautiful melodic anthem of what our life will be like when we get to Heaven. I strongly suggest that you check out the song for yourself.

Thoughts on “One Day”
Like I said earlier, I think that “One Day” is a beautiful song. Any song about meeting Jesus is likely to get me fired up. Aside from “One Day” being a quality song, Janice Gaines has a very enchanting voice. It is smooth and soft. Simply put, it is great ear candy.

There are times when I make statements and I hope I’m wrong. This is one of those times. While I think that “One Day” is a really good song, I fear that it will not be fully embraced by African American Gospel music fans. There is an unfair standard when it comes to African American female Gospel singers. Many of us expect them to be these powerhouse singers that just blow us away vocally. As a result, many of us tend to be close-minded when it comes to a different style or tone of music.

If we already know an artist, we are much more accepting of them having a style that doesn’t fit in a traditional Sunday morning box. If we are not familiar with an artist, we have a much harder time accepting what God has given them musically. “One Day” is probably not the type of song that you will hear someone sing as the sermonic selection in most predominantly African American churches. That is completely OK, but that does not mean that this style of Gospel does not have any merit. It does.

I hope that the African American Gospel community embraces this type of music. Janice Gaines and other artists like her need to be exposed to a wider variety of people. When we close our minds, we hinder our opportunity to be exposed to great music with a great message.

“One Day” will be available on Amazon and iTunes on May 12, 2001. What do you think about “One Day” by Janice Gaines?

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