New Song: “It’s All Good” -The Soul Seekers featuring Marvin Winans

The Soul Seekers are back! Check out this video of their newest song It’s All Good featuring Marvin Winans. Let me know what you think about it.

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  • Audrey Wells

    This is a beautiful song!!! Who ever wrote this Great Job on the words!!!!

  • Mrs Mccowin

    Simply Awesome. I love this song.

  • Mrs Mccowin

    Simply Awesome. I love this song.

  • Steven Bolds

    This is my 2010 song of the year. Hard to believe it was record back in 08. “It’s all God”

  • Rlynch117

    What else can you say after hearing this, other than, If I was JUST ANYBODY it would be good, but I KNOW BETTER, IT'S ALL GOD. Thank you whoever was anointed to write these words so they could find my heart today

  • Rlynch117

    The time apparently wasnt right in 08 Its all GOD in 2010.Saw the video for the first time on Gospel Video Aug 15, 2010. Quote Pastor Marvin Winans “OH MY MY”

  • B.Lilly

    @Rlynch117, I just wanted to let you know the writter of this song is my nephew Harold Lilly, he is from Richmond,Va. He currently resides in California. He has been writting for secular artist such as Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, Ruben Studart, Monica, etc..Google his name and you can get a little more information about. He comes from a musically inclined family, inclusive of a mother and his twin sister who are songtress in their own right. His father also is a musician. I am sure he will be happy to know that people are inspired by his music.

  • BLilly

    @Rlynch117, Harold Lilly also wrote for Luther Vandross(I'll Take You Out Tonight).

  • Ms Little_64

    JLittle64 This is a beautiful song. It really touched my heart. It's really “All God” love it!!

  • Edwina

    I heard this song today for the first time. Got home and looked it up on the internet. Your just don't know that all the words in this song say so much about my life and my trobles. These words have given me so much peace and you're right. It's All God

    Thank you so much for these words. Today wasn't a good day for me. But after hearing this song has helped me get through it.

    Yes, It's all Good because I'ts All God


  • Rorie Nichols

    The Soul Seekers are good, and they did the righteous thing asking Pastor Marvin Winans to sing with them, he is amazing grace in the flesh.God has blessed and gifted him with a magnificant voice and whatever he sings is through the Spirit of the Lord. Thank You God for Pastor Winans, I think I've listened to It's all God atleast 4 or 5 hundred times. Great colaboration gentlemen, you must do something else together. I will be praying for the Soul Seekers and as always for Pastor Marvin L.Winans. Ms Rorie Nichols from Phoenix Arizona.

  • Jshaterica

    omg dis song ministered n itz definatly all god thank u

  • Chea

    Heard this for the first time this morning while listening to Praise on XM and Lord have Mercy…..All I can say it's all good, because I know it's all GOD…..

  • Chea

    I would love to hear a reprise to this!!!

  • Lomickj

    I've got no mind to complain. When I think of all the Lord has brought me through… it has not all been good…but I know that God is working it out for my good. I'm so unworthy, but thank you God, thank you God, thank you God, thak you God, thank you God……………………………………………………………………………………….

  • Jonesa24

    The Believer knows that all good things come from God. Thank You, God for Your loving kindness and Your tender mercies. Thank You God, for putting this song on the heart of this composer.

  • Robin_perry62

    This is just a beautiful song. They really can sing. Give God all the Glory

  • Angela

    Yes God!! It's All GOD!! This song is absolutely Awesome!! Thanks guys.

  • gee

    I love this song. It's all good, it's all God! Marvin Winans and the Soul Seekers are awesome together!

    That song has so much meaning. God is in control of every situation. It is working for our good.

  • Kayla

    This is my new Praise song!!!! Thank you God for letting these young man another insite on you Lord….

  • SMmac1201

    All you can say after hearing this song is WOW!!!

  • Kayla

    Love it, Love it, I wil play this every morning !!!!!

  • Esther Lenzy

    Blessed be the name its all Goddddd!

  • Ckdthomas

    Can anyone tell me where I can purchase this song/CD? I've looked all over the Net?

  • Ckdthomas

    God blessed your nephew with talent. Give him my congratulations. Can you also asked him where I can purchase this song? Is it on a CD? I've searched the NET all over for it.

  • Jwhitley27

    It's a beautiful and an inspiring piece of gospel music. It's a sterling reminder of the things that we so often take for granted, are a blessing from God. It uses contemporary vernacular (It's All Good) and dispels one of the “o”s in the word “Good” to reveal the true source of the recipients of God's grace and uncompromising love.

  • Twilson

    I too heard this for the first time while listening to Praise on XM while sitting in my car and when the song ended I was could not contain myself. For all of you who know what ” Car Shouting” is say Amen! For those of you who don't know what it is just listen to the song!

    P.S. make sure the car is in park first!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ladykoko2u

    I heard this song about a month ago, and it ministered and I am going out to buy CD.

  • Dhenry4248


  • FFCoop

    What a Blessed song, this piece ministers to my heart and gets me on my way.

  • Cookingmom2u

    I can just play this over and over and over. Oh my, it's all God!!!!!!

  • S1ngle_53

    …this is truly an awesome song…..if i was just ANYBODY it would be good, but I KNOW BETTER,.IT'S ALL GOD…WOW!!!…nothing else needs to be said!!!


    Having my grandfather pass away last week in an unexpected death.,my heart has been beyond heavy just dont know whcih way to turn but i know GOD HAS THE MASTER PLAN.,i began to listen and mediatate on this song.,I know im not just anybody.,I KNOW BETTER IT'S ALL GOD-!

  • me

    I heard the ending of this song and i can Totally relate because i have a personal license plate that reads “Saul Gud” ( its saul gud),and i can honestly say that, its “saul gud”, because the recording of this song ,” IS ALL GOD ! and IT”S ALL GUD in GOD “.

  • Jerlin Simmons

    i like it it's very moving and you have to praise him listening tonit

  • Sonia Wingate

    I KNOW BETTER….IT'S ALL GOD!!!!! HALLEUJAH!!! Song is truly a blessing!

  • ChesterfieldWalker

    It's 6:10 in the morning, preparing for my day with the Lord, and I couldn't think of a better song to start my Sunday morning off with. It's all good, it's all God, we must understand that it's not us, there is nothing we could do if it weren't for God. People think that they have arrived. If it weren't for God we would be where we were before God extended his mighty hand.

    Chesterfield Walker

  • Saranna Rankin

    No matter what is happening I do know better, it is all God always, thanks for this beautiful hymn of praise!!

  • ChesterfieldWalker

    This song is an uplifting for my soul. We sometimes have a tendency to think “I did it”, look at my house not giving the credit to the Almighty. That is why God takes the very things that he has given to us because we make that material item our god. The Lord says “thou shalt have No other god before me.

  • Nitafae

    this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE SONG….i LOVE IT!!!!! and it is SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just wish i could find the lyrics online :(

  • ChesterfieldWalker

    Type your comment here.You can go to It’s only lyrics. com, there you can find the word to It’s All God.

  • Dlw042736

    The song is ok.  The beginning is alright the ending is awesome.  Praise the Lord Pastor Winan for telling it like it is at Whitneys funeral.  God Bless! 

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