Obama and Clinton take on religous questions

barack-obama-and-hillary-clintonOnce again I find myself asking the age old question, “Why should I care about this?” As many of you know, Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama were part of a faith forum that was held on Sunday. At this forum they were asked the questions about God and the bible.

I could be wrong about this whole thing. However, I am not concerned about whether either candidate knows why God allows people to suffer. Should any of us care about this? Lets remember, we are electing a President, not a pastor.

Is this really probing stuff that Americans definitely need to know? Before anyone gets on their high religious horse, just think for a moment. Think about your last job interview. Think back to the end when your interviewer said, “Do you have any questions for us?” Did you respond with something like “Do you believe that God intervenes in history and punishes nations?” I highly doubt it.

I don’t expect any presidential candidate to be a biblical scholar. I expect them to be well versed issues like healthcare, abortion, and foreign policy.

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