Pastor accused of embezzling over $230,000

Arthur Pearson, pastor of Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church in Grand Rapids, MI has been charged with embezzling money from his own church.

An audit shows that Pearson, along with his wife the church's former bookkeeper stole more than $230,000 from the congregation. Some of the transactions show that purchases were made from places like Red Lobster, Victoria's Secret and Forever 21.

This whole situation has divided the church. There are many people in the congregation that believe that Pastor Pearson is innocent. Whether he is innocent or guilty will likely be the decided of a jury of his peers.

Someone will need to explain why a church is making purchases at Victoria's Secret and some of those other locations. 

There are many ways that someone can spin these allegations. However, it just never looks good when a Pastor is accused of embezzling funds. Unbelievers will point to this situation and say "look, all pastors are crooks." The truth is that there are many pastors and churches that are faithful in managing the money that God has given them in responsible ways.

If these allegations are true, it is important to note that pastors like Pastor Pearson are the minority, they are not a representation of the thousands of faithful pastors around the country.  

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