Pastor allegedly denies congregation communion for not giving tax refunds to the church

Members of Houston Unity Baptist Church claim that their pastor refused to give them communion because they refused to give their income tax refunds to the church. According to a report on, Pastor John Goodman is very frustrated by the lack of financial support from the members of his congregation.

He admitted to denying them communion. It appears that he wanted them to use the money to contribute towards a new parking lot. Pastor Goodman called the members that don't contribute demons and devils. 

I'm not going to even get into the issue about what you are supposed to do with your income tax refund. That's a conversation for another day. I'm more concerned that a congregation was denied the opportunity to partake in communion. I find this to be very sad. 

I don't think a perceived lack of financial contribution is a valid reason to withhold communion from anyone. (I'd love to hear your opinion if you think I'm wrong.) The pastor's perception could very well be a reality. I still don't believe that he used the best judgement in this situation. 

The financial contributions and generosity of its members is what keeps any church alive. In my opinion, pastors are much better served if they educate their members on the importance of giving. I don't feel that name calling is an effective method at all.

Take a look at the video below. Pastor Goodman and a member of the congregation each explain the events in question.

Pastor Calls Flock Devils, Demons:

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  • Yohan Perera


    I have to agree with you on this… honestly. Holding back communion from the congregation is not discipline at all but manipulation only…

  • Yohan Perera

    Oh man… I just watched the video… I am a pastor too and I know the importance of giving and how churches depend on what is given by their congregations. But this man has got a very dirty attitude. I am shocked…

  • Cliff


    I know being a Pastor is a tough job, so I definitely commend you for serving God's people. I'm just praying for wisdom for Pastor Goodman and other pastors around the world.

  • Maryjoe51

    Pastor Goodman and all the other pastors who feel that every dime in your pocket belongs to them have to go out there and find a job. The churches here are now fast becoming big businesses like “Walmart, Krogers fiesta just to menton a few. They want tithes, offering, pastor's love gift, end of month offering this fund and the next. Some of these churches have more ministries than congress have representatives. what's up with that attitude?. Then they say it is god's money. then if it is god's money, please tell me, what kind of car does god drive? what model home does he live in and which part ot town does he live in? which chef cooks his meals for him,? where does he shop for his clothing

  • Cliff

    Not all pastors are as you describe. There are many pastors around the world that work hard, serve their congregations well and make a fair salary. They don't drive fancy cars or wear elaborate clothes. There are “bad apples” in every profession.

  • golf ping

    Well as I see it the people are disobediant to the word of God. God says you rob me in you Tithes and offerings. they owe GOD 10% of there gross plus offering. also if they have not givin it they owe intrest accourding to the Word of GOD my question are the people aproved by GOD not if they are not following the True WORD OF GOD

  • Alexlisa01

    why put up with this church.

  • Makar

    Pastors do not have the authority to unilaterally impose “discipline”!!  Also remember there are 3 other gifts from the five-fold ministry that are local.  I have no idea for the life of me why the pastoral gift has been allowed all of this autonomy??

  • Makar

    I know that this is an old story but I still have a question.  Why are we so afraid to stand up to pastoral leadership?   This man has lost his perspective.  You give as YOU have purposed in your heart to give..  No other reason should even be allowed because God loves a cheerful giver.  Constraint by a leader is not a valid reason to give!

  • Cliff

    Unfortunately, there are many people that don’t know any better. Some people are trained to just do whatever the pastor says do. I know it is sad, but that is a reality for many people.

  • Terry Stuart

    Denying people, especially Christians, from remembering what Jesus did for them and for not giving tax refunds to the church are two different things. It’s the pastor’s fault if he forbids his congregation from taking communion. He is taking away a blessing that people may receive if communion isn’t given. Giving tax refunds to the church is thinking on a worldly side of things. People shouldn’t have to give their refunds to the church. If Christians would give 10% in the offering the church would have the money that it needs. If we put God first He will supply our needs and we can give more.

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