Pat Robertson’s take on Chile. Let’s hope we never hear it.

After the earthquake in Haiti, well known evangelist Pat Robertson tried to explain the cause of the whole situation basically claiming that the earthquake was a result of God’s wrath.

PatRobertsonLike I’ve said before, Pat Robertson is like that embarrassing uncle that we all have. We have to love him, because that is what God commands us to do, but he really makes it tough sometimes by saying off the wall and crazy stuff.

Another disastrous earthquake hit Chile this past weekend. Fortunately Uncle Pat has yet to publicly comment on the situation. There is a hoax going around the internet that he did. This article explains the real story.

Part of me is interested to hear him speak as God’s spokesman. Tell me Uncle Pat. Was God angry at Chile because they made some type of deal with the devil too?

I am convinced that God does things and allows things to happen that we will never understand. Our simple minds probably would be able to comprehend God’s thinking if he explained certain things to us. So, in times of disaster, we would be much better served if would looked to God for the solution instead of the cause. Let’s not spend our energy asking God why a certain things happen. Let’s spend our energy asking him, how does he want us to respond. How can we help? How can we heal? What or who should we pray for?

It is clear that we have a lot to pray for. Chile, Haiti, New Orleans and many other locations need our prayers and support. Please remember them.

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