Pole dancing for Jesus hits Texas

According to a report from KTRK, a group of women in Houston gather once a month to pole dance…for Jesus. 

Christian women gather together to learn and work-out on the poles. They do this while listening to Christian music.

The students and their teachers say that this is not about sex. Regardless of what they say, I'm sure that these classes have and will face a good deal of opposition.

The article doesn't say whether these women are married or not. Honestly, I don't see any real problems with a married woman (or man) wanting to learn how to pole dance. She (or he) can take those skills and have a real good time with their spouse.

There's already Hookers for Jesus (which is a great ministry for women trying to escape the sex ministry). Now, we have Pole Dancers for Jesus. I wonder what will be next.

What are your opinions about Pole Dancers for Jesus? Are they doing anything wrong?

Take a look at the video below that explains the whole story.

[img credit: shapeshifterfitness.us]

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  • http://twitter.com/Avon827 maite

    i think a Christian woman should be a lady in the streets and wild with her one and only..i have no problem at all with Christian woman learning how to be sexier for their spouse im just not ok with mentioning Jesus name and using workship music when you are doing something to spice up your sex life for your husband..why? well at the end of the day it is for sex and its for you and your husband not Jesus.

  • http://www.TheGospelBlog.com Cliff


    Thanks for the comment! There are many people that would argue that God is the one who created sex. It gives him joy when a husband and wife have a healthy sex life. What would you say about that?

  • http://givingtithes.com Tymon

    Type your comment here.The whole affair just sucks. This is not about opposition, but like Maite, I just wonder why 'Jesus' name has to be attached to … pole dancing? Hello? What is Jesus going to benefit from anyone pole dancing in His Name?

  • Terry Stuart

    I think that dancing, if you do it the Christian way, is right, but to just do pole dancing and add Jesus’ Name to it is wrong.

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