Praise and Worship Concerts vs Gospel Concerts

I have been to a countless number of christian music concerts in my lifetime. I’ve seen professionals, wanna be professionals, and amateurs. After seeing hundreds of artists and hearing thousands of songs, I have come to one conclusion. The atmosphere at a praise and worship concert is completely different than the atmosphere at a gospel concert.

Before I continue, let me be clear about something. The purpose of this post is not to say that one type of music is better than the other. I like them both. Have enjoyed most of the gospel concerts that I have attended. I can honestly say that, for the most part I was truly blessed. However, praise and worship concerts are a completely different experience.

Let’s start with the crowd. At praise and worship concerts, people stand for 65-70% of the concert. They don’t do this because they have to, but because they want to. Attendees at a praise and worship concert aren’t there to be entertained. They are there to participate in the worship and receive from God.

In my experience, attendees at gospel concerts, just don’t have that same spirit. It’s almost like people are sitting back waiting for something to happen. Then the MC comes out and he or she feels like they need to pump the crowd up.

While I’m on the topic of MCs…I know I’m not the only person who has been to a gospel concert where the MC feels like it is their personal time to minister, instead on introducing the next artist. Is there any way we can put an end to this? I have actually left a concert that I was supposed to minister at, because the MC needed to minister for about 1 hr without even introducing any of the other artists.

What causes these vastly different atmospheres? I don’t have the complete answer to that. Many people would argue that it is a cultural thing. I think that culture is one of the factors, but there has to be more.

They way I see it, these are two great genres of music. Here is one of the main differences in my eyes. Praise and worship music tends to sing to God, while contemporary gospel music tends to sing about God. That difference permeates the hearts of the attendees at a praise and worship concert. As a result, you get a large number of people focused on singing to God creating a truly unique atmosphere.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


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