Recap: BET’s Sunday Best Season 3, Episode 7

Sunday-BestSeason 3 of BET’s Sunday Best continues. Last week, the first batch of finalists were eliminated. This week, the remaining contestants competed for the top spot. One of the eliminated contestants rejoined the show as the wild card.

J. Moss opened the show with a medeley that consisted of “We Must Praise” and “Rebuild.” I thought it was outstanding performance. If you missed it, then you missed something really good.

Here are my observations of the finalists.

Brian Smith
Gave an upbeat performance of “I Won’t Complain.” It felt very average to be, but the judges seemed to really like it.

Orlando Wright
His performance of “Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus” was good. I liked the upbeat feel and I was with him from the beginning. The judges thought his performance was very genuine.

Martha Buries
It is always great when we get second chances in life. Martha was the wild card. She was voted off the show last week, but the judges decided to bring her back. She definitely made the most of her opportunity. Her performance of “Changed” was outstanding. The judges absolutely loved it!

Franklin Davis
The judges didn’t seem too impressed by his rendition of “More Than Life To Me.” There wasn’t anything in his performance that really stood out to me. There is a fine line between performance and ministry. It feels a little like he was more on the performance side than ministry.

Dathan Thigpen
He gave an absolutely stirring performance of “Speak to My Heart.” The audience seemed to be extremely moved by his singing. It was easily one of the best performances of the night.

Tawanna Tarvin
There were a whole lot of high notes in her performance of “Now Behold the Lamb.”  I don’t think anyone will question the quality of of her voice. The judges weren’t overly impressed though. I think they wanted more from her.

Durward Davis
His rendition of  “That’s When You Bless Me” was very powerful. There was a lot of passion in his voice. In my opinion, he has clearly established himself as one of the top male contestants remaining.

LeAndria Johnson
She absolutely destroyed “He Was There.” I was following reactions to the show on Twitter and she received more comments and reactions than any other contestant. Kim Burrell made a comment that placed LeAndria in the same company as Aretha Franklin and The Clark Sisters.

David Wilson
His performance of “Great is Thy Faithfulness” was very smooth. Nothing he did blew me away, but I thought it was a solid performance overall.

Tiffany Carlin-Laird
She has a beautiful voice. The judges loved her performance of “I Need Thee”. I thought it was very good.

Elder Goldwire McLendon
“How can you put your hands on something that the Holy Ghost has already established.” That is what Donnie McClurkin said after Elder McClendon’s performance of “Yes, Jesus Loves Me.” It was a simple song with a powerful result.

In the end Tawanna Tarvin, Franklin Davis, David Wilford, and Orlando Wright were eliminated. I don’t have any issues with this at all. I don’t think any of them were serious contenders to win the entire competition.

Did you see episode 7? Who do you think should have been eliminated?

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  • sandra

    i really believe the judges knew what they were doing because this is some serious competition wow Leandria wore it out and to be compared already to Gospel Greats she took it with humility and cried My God if they really turn her loose on Sunday Best They are going to have Church

  • seritha ford

    Leandria Johnson is just amazing to me. I love her humble spirit, The Young lady has truly been anointed and touched by God’s spirit. I just Love her, I wish they would just let the girl sing a whole song. Now they would really have some sho nough church.

  • Angel Farrow

    I agree w/all the decisions on the May 16th episode, except for the elimination of Orlando. I feel his spirit when he sings. The audience felt him as well. I feel he should still be w/us.

    Elder McLendon is off the chain. I mean he’s a true inspiration to us all. He will probably make it to the finals.

    There’s a lot of great talent this season.

  • Cliff

    I agree with all of you. The talent this season is really good. I had some doubts during the audition episodes.

    Angel…Orlando probably could have lasted another week or two. However, I don’t think he had much of a shot to win the whole thing. LeAndria, Elder McLendon and a couple of others are just too good.

  • Dee

    LeAndria, LeAndria, LeAndria.. Gods anointing is all over this young lady. What an amazing voice..!!

  • Maud

    LeAndria is amazing. The annoiting and her true testimony is radiating. She IS Sunday’s Best…

  • blakgal

    LeAndria Johnson AND Elder Goldwire McLendon ARE THE BEST ON THE SHOW THIS SEASON!!!! Ms. Johnson… when I hear her sing, it brings tears to my eyes and a chill down my spine!!!!!!! And Elder McLendon… The Holy Ghost in you and you TEAR DAT STAGE UP EVERY TIME!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE TO WATCH THE ANNOINTING ON YOU ON THAT STAGE. SO I KNOW IF YOU CAN SING LIKE THAT… gOOD GOD… I KNOW YOU CAN PREACH!!!! AMEN TO YOU BOTH AND I WISH YOU GOD’S SPEED. I LOVE YOU.. ROSE from Raleigh!!

  • tina

    Oh my god what an anointing on Elder Goldwire and LeAndria and the young lady that came back this week! I am a sinner that has fell down and when i watched this show i can feel the anointing threw the tv hit me when they sing! it convicts my heart everytime! im looking for a church home now that has this anointing!

  • Tonya

    LeAndria is the truth! She shares her annointing with each note. I agree with one of the judges – I could listen to her everyday, and I don’t listen to a lot of gospel. Wow!

  • Tonya

    LeAndria is working it but Tiffany is singing, hats off to the Elder like him but its time for him to retire the women are singing.

  • Angela from st louis

    LeAndria and Elder Goldwire McLendon are amazing!!! I see the two of them as the last two standing. I don’t normally download anything off tv, but I had to download Leandria’s ringtones. I’m praying that she win because we can go out and get her cd soon after the show end. If not, it’s going to take too long!!!! These two have me on the edge of my seat, crying and praising God in my bedroom. I am a socialworker and they inspire me to put my heart and soul into the families in which I work with!!! Praise God!!

  • Evangelist Lady Swan

    I am truly praying for Leandria, because she is anointed just as she is and if we have a good understanding of the recording industry they are going to try and change her and she is as close to perfect as she is. If I am ever afforded the opportunity to speak with her I will let her know that God knew what He was doing when He designed her to miniter to this season of people. Let them keep calling her “thug” and “gangster” she is what we need for this time and season. So, if you really love her let’s hold her up in prayer. I praise God for the gift of her ministry to the body of believers.

  • YesGOD

    I totally agree with you Evangelist Lady Swan!!! I didn’t like it when they referred to her as thuggish, or whatever Donnie said in his comment, and then Kirk followed up by calling her gansta boo! WOW!! I truly see a women of God full of His annointing ministering through song, not this thuggish, gansta boo crap they’re talking about!!! To me, it was disrespectful & just plain UNTRUE!!! I will continue to lift up LeAndria in prayer because I can see in the spirit the heights & depts that God is taking her!!!!

  • Evangelist Lady Swan

    Thank you YesGOD! It is not meant for Leandria or any of us to be like anybody else. There is a need for Leandria as she exist today!! I have been in the church my whole life and that woman ministers to me through television. I want them to keep their hands off of what GOD has ordained. Leandria there is a great need for you to keep doing what you been doing to get you to where you are and where you are going.

  • emmy

    why is everyone sleeping on Durward Davis? he’s my favorite along with Leandria.

  • Cliff

    I don’t think a lot of people are sleeping on Durward. I think he’s great! I think most people would place him 3rd at this point.

    LeAndria is ministering at such at an extremely high level right now. Elder McLendon has an appeal that we have never seen before in this competition.

    It would be tough for any contestant in any season to beat either one of them.

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